My name is Natalie Schwartz and I am a wife to Stefan and a mother to Jack. I live in San Diego, CA and when they say coffee and wine fuel motherhood they are not lying. My ideal night in is chardonnay, Dateline, and brownies.

Here are a few other fun facts about me! 

 What made you decide to start The Modern Mamahood?

I wanted to create a space that was 1. A creative outlet for me to share my modern way of mothering and 2. To create a community where the modern mama could come and pour a glass of wine, grab a vegan recipe, and read a few stories on the day to day struggles and triumphs that motherhood encompasses.

 How has becoming a mom changed you?

Becoming a mother has stripped me to my core. It’s taken me to the rawest place of emotion and love that I never knew existed and I fucking love being a mother more than anything in this world. It is life changing and wonderful, and wine also helps.  

 Red or White wine?

Girl, I used to only drink red but Chardonnay is my jam! I drink it regularly, the buttery the better.

 What could you be caught wearing most days?

Fabletics and a pair of black Nikes. On a “good” day I will most likely be in a pair of high waisted skinny jeans from F21 and a t-shirt and some Adidas.

 How long were you in labor with your baby(s)?

My water broke 10 days early and I had Jack 28 hours later. Yes I got an epidural you can read more here.

 What is one thing you do to keep a healthy lifestyle?

I went to school at IIN and I am a certified Health Coach (I also have a BA in Political Science from SDSU), which is what I did full time before Jack was born. I now blog and teach Stroller Strides for FIT4MOM which keeps me fit. I am also really into food and nutrition I eat a totally plant-based diet and so does Jack...My husband does 95% of the time. I only cook vegan at home. I have never been in better shape mentally and physically than I am now eating a whole foods plant-based diet, and gettin my striddin on.

What’s in your purse?

Diapers, wipes, an Arbonne lipstick in the shade Rose (it’s my go-to), chapstick, spf, puffs, teething crackers, my wallet, sunglasses, and probably 100 receipts from Target.

 What’s your favorite curse word?

Fuck. I say it regularly as I am sure you’ve read. My mom always said “such an ugly word should never come out of such a pretty mouth”, but I just haven’t found another word that really gets me like the F-Word does, ya know?

 What is one beauty tip or trick you love?

I am kinda  crazy about skincare. I know some ladies love to spend lots of money on bags and shoes but I love Arbonne’s anti-aging RE9 Advanced skincare regimen, and I’ve been using it for over 2+years. I would rather invest in my face LOL.




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