My favorite snacks on the go

1. Kale chips in Kool Ranch. These are a yummy healthy snack with clean ingredients and they totally satisfy my craving for something savory. 

2. Arbonne Fit Chews in lemon. These are designed to cut your sugar cravings and satisfy you at the same time! WIN! The lemon flavor is SOOO good.

3. Sliced apples are really my go-to because they are full of fiber and fiber=fuller longer. Plus I love a good organic honey crisp apple. 

4. Handful of unsalted almonds are a great snack because they have protein which helps keep you satiated and they take up no room in your diaper bag! 

5. Lara bars are like healthy crack. I love all of the flavors + they are almost all vegan + gluten free + have only a few ingredients! Such a mama win, and one you can share with your babe guilt free. 

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