How To Make The Most Of Naptime

Alright let's be honest for one minute I know this looks more like a mini spa day than a naptime "to-do" list, but girl that laundry can wait! 

But really though, I spend Jack's naptime running around like a nut trying to do laundry, shower, brush my teeth, wear deodorant... I mean the list goes on. However, it's so important to remember to take a break for 30 minutes and take care of YOU! That's why I put this little list together because I feel so rejuvenated after I do this and it can be done in 30 minutes.

1. Seasource mud mask from Arbonne is so amazing because it feels and smells like you are at the spa. This mask is amazing because it will "Cleanse and draw out impurities from the skin’s surface, helping prevent clogged pores. With natural marine botanicals, the formula helps skin feel smooth, hydrated, firm and invigorated — simply glowing. " I wash my face as soon as Jack goes down and put this baby on and leave it until I am done with my "me time". 

2. The Universe Has Your Back is such an amazing book. While you are letting your mask marinate crack open a book that builds you up and keeps you sane. I love that I can read something each day even if it is for 10-15 minutes that builds me as a person. Pick a book you love and insert here!

3. Motorola Baby Monitor is my JAM. I know there are like a million monitors out there but we have this and I love a big screen I can see Jack on while he's napping so I can OCD check to see if he's breathing. I know my mamas out there know how key a monitor is but this really lets you "relax" during your babe's naptime because you can see them. 

4. Lavender candles are everything. I am 100% obsessed with having candles burning. If you come to my house I guarantee I have at least two candles going. I think they just really set the mood and hold the space for some serious relaxing to take place, especially a good lavender scent! 

So there is 15 minutes to have just for you because YOU deserve and don't ever forget that. The laundry and your armpits will always be there, but your sanity can quickly leave the building so plug in and commit to YOU! 




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