A Mama's carry on essentials

It's imperative that I have all my travel carry on necessities laid out and ready to go! Especially now that I'll have a little human attached to me. 




1. Big sunglasses like these so I can hide the fact that I didn't get a chance to fill in my brows or put on mascara. #mamalife 

2. A good magazine to read on the plane. This is almost an LOL because I'll have the baby but a girl can dream.

3. This super CUTE clear makeup bag from Sephora that you can bring in your carry on. + headphones + Apple watch. I'd die without them! 

4. My go-to red lipstick because it looks fabulous + it has watermelon extract so it keeps my lips super hydrated in that dry yucky airplane air. 

5. Cute passport holder and luggage tags. Nothing says mom chic like having spit up on your shirt and matching luggage tags. LOLZ

What are your carry on essentials? Besides a flask of Chardonnay and a neck pillow!

What do you have to travel with?!