New Year's Resolutions


Can we chat about resolutions and motherhood for a minute?

I am the type of person who sets resolutions for myself every year and all throughout the year. I think it's healthy to set a goal and put it out into the universe. 

Declaring something positive can be super empowering.

This year my resolution is a lot different than it's ever been because duh, I have a baby and life is WAY different. 

My resolution is to be fully present with my son for him and for myself. I want to soak up and savor every single minute with him before he's grown and I am looking back wondering where the time went.

I find myself consumed some days by being a new mom which has it's own stresses + running my own business, blogging, working out, etc... that I find myself counting down the hours till nap time or bedtime so I can post on Instagram or catch up on people's snapchats and does that really matter?

Don't get me wrong I LOVE social media I think it's incredible and it's how moms like us communicate and share our lives. It's awesome! But, I want to work on being more present while Jack is awake and cuddle the shit out of him.

The other day while I was nursing him I usually scroll through Insta to pass the time till he's topped off but I put my phone down and I just watched him. I know I am such a sap but I did start to tear up and I just felt overcome with so much love for this little human I created.

Being a mom is not easy but it's wonderful and an absolute blessing. For me personally, I want to drink it all in as much as possible!

What are your New Years resolutions? 

What are you looking forward to working on in 2017? I'd love to hear!