Top 10 Mama Must Haves For 2017

As a mom sometimes you have to fake it to make it and that's why I LIVE for these products! 

From a good dry shampoo to baby wipes these all have their place for the modern mama on the go.

Plus I feel like we want to look stylish as well, even if we forget to brush our teeth for the day. 

What are your must haves as a mama? I seriously would love to know what helps you get through your day!!

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1. Karen Walker sunglasses are perfect for covering up what you didn't have to time apply! 

2. A cute hat is a MUST when you are on the go or sleep deprived and brushing your hair is a distant memory. I love this company because they specialize in cute hat for mamas, it's kinda their thing. And... celebs rock these hats too! 

3. Fabletics leggings are my FAV they hold everything in tight, make your butt look like it did pre baby and they are affordable! 

4. Dry Shampoo. Kevin Murphy "Fresh Hair" is honestly the best dry shampoo I have ever used!! PLUS it's vegan and cruelty-free. 

5. Nike's. A fresh pair of kicks that you can jet around town in are essential to your modern mama uniform. I love a clean pair of black and white Nikes, like nothing makes me happier. 

6. Mascara. I know I have said it once and I'll say it again. Arbonne's "It's A Long Story" mascara kills it. A girl never stops using a good mascara and I literally have found nothing I love more than this! PLUs this was Vanity Fair's Top 5 pick for mascara, nbd. 

7. Babyganics face, hand and baby wipes are crucial. From spit up to diaper changes I love these smaller packs to throw in the car and in my diaper bag, plus they are organic and have no yucky ingredients. 

8. Kate Spade gold glass water bottle need I say more? I love Kate Spade but I love a good glass water bottle even more. This is the year for glass water bottles, it's time we all lead by example and do our part for the environment when we can. Plus it's super cute! 

9. CC Cream is a non negotiable. I need a little coverage and I want my face to also be hydrated and full of yummy botanicals. I love this CC Cream because it delivers on a glowing color and it's vegan and cruelty free. Us mamas don't always have time to put our whole face on so this is perf!

10. Simple Gum is an all natural gum, meaning it has none of that yucky aspartame crap in it! I have forgotten to brush my teeth on more than one occasion so this is a great go-to to keep your breath fresh and keep you chemical free.