Mama's NYE Look

Let's just say you have a babysitter this NYE and you are going out. Yes, you read that right YOU are GOING OUT!

FullSizeRender (43).jpg

I mean you deserve to throw on a tiny little dress and feel hungover on January 1st. Treat yourself and take a break from being the human tissue, diaper, spit up rag, the list goes on. Grab your husband and just go do something!!!!!

Have I convinced you yet?

Honestly in the past almost 7 months (holy crap Jack will be 7 months), Stefan and I have only gone on 2 proper dates, just TWO and last year on NYE I was pregnant so it was a real wild night.

This year however, we are in Ohio and his parents are dying to babysit! Thank Jesus! I should mention that he goes to bed at 6:30pm so it's an easy gig for them.

I hassled my husband like the control freak that I am to make a dinner reservation because I bought this cute dress and god dammit it may be 30 degrees out but I AM WEARING IT SOMEWHERE NICE!

I have been moming it pretty hard and I want to go out for a night and feel sexy and have fun and "date" my husband, maybe get drunk and make out in a public space, who knows.

Bottom line I am so excited to have a night full of romance for the two of us and wear a cute dress and pray that 3 hours in my boobs aren't the size of cannons. #breastfeedingjokes

FINALLY the dress! I am obsessed with a little silver dress, usually I am not a fan but I just can't get enough of all things silver right now.

Nothing says NYE Party like a silver dress. 

This dress is made by Lush and I bought it at a little boutique by my house.  Here are some other silver looks I am loving!


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