The best gift for a mama

The best gift idea for the modern mama is a Chatbook(this in no way is sponsored I am just obsessed). This is such a good idea for anyone in your life you love. 

So here's the scoop. Chatbooks are only $8, you read that right $8!! Uhh deal of the century.

You can pick photos from your instagram feed or pictures you have on your phone and turn them into a book, and the book is REALLY nice! We upgraded our book of Jack to hardcover which I believe was only $5 and so worth it!

I mean this is a cute idea for a coffee table, your babies first year, your relationship with your significant other, pictures of your dog, pictures of you (channeling a little Kim K Selfish vibe) whatever or whoever this is the cutest present!

Chatbooks is designed to be done in series, like you can keep printing books of your photos and have them sent to you. Which I think is a super cool idea especially if you have a cool Instagram feed and want to save it and showcase it in a book! I personally just did one book of Jack and it turned out A-mazing so I'll def do it again. 

What you get for your money straight from the Chatbooks site:

Make your first book in 30 seconds

It takes just 30 seconds to set up your Photo Book Series—then the rest of the work is done for you.

Print your everyday

When it’s this easy--and only $8--you don’t have to save photo books for memories of vacations and holidays. Taco Tuesday, snowball fight, Sunday selfies all have a place in your Chatbooks.

Include captions, dates, and locations

Automatically include the details you want--but with zero decisions to make about pesky things like formatting.

$8. Free shipping.

Start a Series, and pay just $8 every time you add 60 photos. Upgrade to Hardcover for just $5 more, or add a set of Bonus Prints for $2. All the things you want, in one low price.

  You can put any title you want on the spine. We chose his birthday and full name. 

You can put any title you want on the spine. We chose his birthday and full name. 

Stefan and I keep our book of Jack on our coffee table it's that fabulous, and I am freaky OCD about what books are allowed on the coffee table. 

So I hope you are feeling the excitement I have going on over here about this whole Chatbook situation.