Japanese Stir-Fry in 10 minutes

Ok ladies so if you haven't noticed on recipe posts I like to keep it short and sweet and not bore you to death with what emotion I was feeling when I decided to make this dish. I mean honestly I just don't have the time for that and it's not the way I write!

I know as a mom making a super yummy healthy dinner that will woo your spouse is almost laughable but seriously, this will. 

With that said, here is why this is freaking amazing and you need to try it!

I am all about shopping healthy and shopping healthy on a budget so Trader Joe's is my jam. I love a good frozen stir-fry I can easily heat and serve. This Japanese rice is so yummy it honestly tastes like you are eating a sushi roll minus the fish, obvi. The rice is filled with yummy veggies and seaweed which is a total SUPERFOOD, the benefits for you are endless.

When making a frozen dish I like to add at least 2-3 fresh ingredients to give it that made from scratch fresh taste.

FullSizeRender (49).jpg

Here I simply added a red bell pepper which is super high in vitamin c (so good if you are sick, like I just was), a few mushrooms, and some tempeh to bump up the protein. ::Side Note:: The rice does have tofu in it, but not a lot so I like to add another protein. 



Chop the bell pepper

Chop the tempeh in cubes (I only use half the pack)

Chop a handful of mushrooms (also a superfood) 

Heat a large skillet with 2 Tbsp of EVOO

Toss the pepper, mushrooms, and tempeh in the pan and heat for about 2 minutes then add in the rice and stir until done. About 10 minutes. May take 10-14 minutes depending on your size pan, etc.