The Best Baby Food Tool!

We got this Nuk food masher from my husbands parents for Jack on Christmas and it's so amazing!

I love it because it makes feeding your baby fresh REAL food super easy, and realistic even on-the-go. I have mashed some sweet potatoes and bananas so far and Jack loved them! 

I think it's important to cook as much as you can at home and we try to follow that in our house. With that said, I always set aside a small portion of whatever plant foods I am cooking for Jack to eat before I season anything. 

He really enjoys eating with us at the table and wants what we have and smells the smells of what we have. I am hoping this creates healthy eating habits for him. 

Children pick up on what you do as parents and want to do exactly as you do so I feel it's my duty to show Jack how to eat clean and healthy food.

You can purchase one on Amazon here. 

He loves to grab the spoon as seen above to try and feed himself. Of course I am his mom so I think this is so cute.