Top 5 tips for traveling with a baby + sleep schedules

We took our first plane ride with Jack and it was actually pretty easy in comparison to what I thought it would be.

I had a little anxiety i'm not going to lie about flying with a 6 month old. I asked my friends who had flown with their babies their advice, but nothing really prepares you until you experience it yourself!

I found these few things to be super helpful so I wanted to share with any mamas out there who are getting ready to take their first flight! So here they are:


  1. Wear the baby if you can! It made for a pleasant and easy experience at the airport and if you do use the Ergo carrier do not wear high waisted jeans. Have you ever tried to pee with the Ergo on and get your pants unbuttoned?! Nightmare.

  2. Dress the baby in something comfy and easy to change a diaper in. I kept Jack in his pajamas that zip right down the front. This made changing his diaper in airport bathrooms and on the plane SO much easier than if I put him in a bunch of snaps and buttons.

  3. If you are breast feeding nurse the baby right as you are getting ready to take off and land. This helps to get their jaw moving and pop their ears so the pressure change won't make them super uncomfortable. Make sure you wear a comfortable top for nursing that offers easy access. This was a lifesaver. I had to pop a boob on more than one occasion to occupy him from a meltdown. 

  4. Bring 2-3 of your baby's favorite toys to distract them with that can be played with on your lap. Try not to pick the loudest crinkling one they own, your neighbor will thank you. 

  5. Have a drink! Order a glass of wine. It helped me to relax because as much as my husband is helpful, Jack just wanted his mommy. So imagine bouncing and nursing, and entertaining a baby for 4.5 hours on your lap next to a stranger. #wineme On our flight home the stewardess literally brought me my wine in a sippy cup with a straw because I had the baby on my lap and she didn't want me to spill. 



~Jack is sleep trained so this is what worked for us~

Bring a crib sheet from home, sound machine (if you use one) and pajamas they like. I wanted to make his bedtime routine a comforting experience just like how it is at home.

If you are switching time zones (we flew west to east coast) for more than 3 days, it’s a good idea to allow 3 days for the baby’s internal clock to get readjusted. For example:

Night 1 we got in late so I gave Jack a bath like normal and put him in his PJ’s and put him to bed and he was fine.

Night 2 I started his bedtime routine an hour earlier than the previous night. He was fine.

Night 3 I started his bedtime routine at 6pm EST just like I do when we are home in California. He did great and we continued to start bedtime routine at 6pm the rest of our trip just like we were home.


My actual examples:

Night 1 start routine 9pm in bed 9:30pm asleep

Night 2 start routine 7pm in bed 7:30pm asleep

Night 3 start routine 6pm in bed 6:30pm asleep


I hope this helps! 

 Mamas please share your tips for traveling I would love to learn a trick or two!!!