Healthy Halloween Treats


I seriously can’t believe that it’s going to be Halloween which basically means it’s almost Thanksgiving. Where did the year go?? 

Honestly I can’t remember the last time I got dressed up for Halloween... is that bad? I recall a slutty bumblebee costume somewhere down the line, but it’s been many years. 

We are letting Jack’s hair grow so I’m going to take advantage of the fact I can slick it back( or so I hope) and dress him up as a little vampire. I can’t wait!!  

With Halloween right around the corner I wanted to make some healthy treat options for all the mamas out there. It’s hard to have a vegan kid when there’s milk chocolate candy everywhere . Annnnnd if we’re being honest I just don’t want to give Jack candy at all.

So... here’s two healthy options for Halloween fun! 

1. Tangerines and a Sharpie=  Jack-o’-lantern face! 


2. Banana and vegan chocolate chips = Ghost! I simply cut each banana in half and pressed two chocolate chips in as eyes. Boom, or BOO! It’s a ghost. 



I hope this makes your day, and Stephanie you know who you are, I dedicate this post to you!