Mamahood Lately + Target Sweater Sale


Ohhh boy has life been ever so adventurous lately. Jack woke up Friday morning at 5am crying, so I went in and got him only to realize he was burning up! My mama instinct went into overdrive and I immediately knew I needed to take his temperature despite my sleeping husband saying “he’s hot because I put a blanket on him”...Well his temp was 103, so I immediately went upstairs and made him a roller bottle with fractionated coconut oil and peppermint oil, to see if I could bring his temp down.


Long story short I lathered him in oils and I have him Tylenol and after 36 hours of high temperatures he finally stopped having a fever. Jack woke up Sunday acting like his old self again.

I have to say I was relieved but do I dare share that I enjoyed him being sick...not the fever and him miserable, but the laying, god was there so much laying and snuggling I got in in those 36 hours of illness. All he wanted was his mama and so snooze off and on all day, on the couch, with me, not dada, mama. It was the best 36 hours I’ve had in awhile.

When the hell was the last time any of us laid down on the couch all day and ate a sandwich laying down??? I mean it was magical. I am glad Jack is better and I will never forget his first fever and the serious snuggle fest we had.


It has also been sooo HOT in San Diego, like 90’s. I can’t even bring myself to go shopping and buy sweaters or even wear jeans it’s that hot. We had one cool day (in the 70’s) and I saw all my mama friends on Instagram wearing sweaters and and drinking hot beverages LOL it’s like we are so starved for cold weather, we get one day and we pull out all the stops.

I also released my Vegan Jumpstart meal plan click here for more deets. I do have some pretty exciting giveaways coming up with some major babe entrepreneur mamas that I can’t wait to share with you!

What is new with you? What have you been up to? Also what would you like to see more of, stories about motherhood, recipes, health/fitness tips? I am dying to know so I can cater content to you for the rest of the year!!

I’ve also linked 5 super cute and super AFFORDABLE sweaters that are ON SALE at Target right now use the code COZY at checkout.

 I am dreaming of wearing these right now, while I am looking at the forecast for the week which says high 90’s.


UGHHH wear a sweater for me today!