Essential Oils 101

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Let’s talk essential oils shall we? I have recently gotten SUPER into them, but I have to admit I wasn’t always on board with the whole “oil” craze. I am a skeptic until I see results and I will write off probably 80% of products that are introduced to me. The reason for this is that the more I began educating myself about the harmful ingredients in like, EVERYTHING, I was so broken hearted. I know, dramatic, but I was.

So when someone said smell this oil and it will make you feel happier, I politely declined and said under my breath, “you’ve got to be F-ing kidding me”. BUT, my husband and I were back in his hometown for Christmas last year and his mom had some oils and so we started playing around with them...just a quick backstory my hubs started to get sick while we were there, so I was all for giving the diffuser in our room a shot. Well, he actually felt better and less congested in the morning, so my interest was peaked for sure.

Flash Forward 7 months later my girlfriend invited me to an oil workshop at her house and I bought the whole damn kit, and then it sat on a shelf collecting dust for a little bit.

I had seen all these mamas on social media posting oil blends and diffuser combos so I thought I needed to give them a shot. I began incorporating them into our daily life and using them to combat little colds or runny noses, and to my surprise they were really effective.

I fell in love with using oils and it also felt really empowering to have a shelf full of “medicine” if you will, that I know is natural and won’t cause harm to my family.

A few of my favorites I use daily are lavender, peppermint, wild orange, and On Guard (immunity support). I roll Jack’s feet with lavender each night after his bath, he loves it.


I wanted to dig a little deeper into my knowledge of oils and how to use them for myself and on Jack so I want to introduce you to my beautiful friend Marah who is going to give us a quick oil 101. PLUS I am sharing some oil roller blends for mama and for baby!


TMM: Introduce yourself and how you were introduced to oils:

Marah: Hi! I'm Marah Estrada, I am from Grass Valley CA, rooted in Long Beach CA, transplanted to Salisbury Maryland for a hot second, stolen back to the West Coast to Carlsbad via Encinitas. Currently living it up in Carlsbad. I've been around... I've seen a lot, and Married up for sure. Which brings me to my clique. I am married to my super sexy husband Dominic and have two kids Ruah (1) and Cruz (4). When I am not home with my kids or squeezing butts teaching Barre classes at Studio Barre, I am helping other moms feel empowered to use a different healthcare and lifestyle model with essential oils. I was introduced to the world of essential oils when I was pregnant with my little man Cruz. At the time, I was in a bit of a panic mode with eliminating a lot of prescription and herbal supplements that I was dependent on and was no longer allowed to take and was grasping for straws for an alternative. Being pregnant opened up my eyes to be aware of how toxic our environment and the items that we use daily have become. Like 99.9% of us, I spent my whole 9 months of pregnancy avoiding toxic fumes, prescriptions, pregnancy no-no foods, etc. But for me, my mindset didn't and couldn't just switch off during or after labor. I was determined to continue to live a clean lifestyle especially since my children weren't protected in my womb any longer. Luckily I found that alternative for total health with essential oils (physical, emotional, spiritual, financial, etc). I admittedly did take a hiatus from using essential oils in between kids... I didn't know how to properly use them, so the majority of them started collecting dust. I still kept the same mindset of eating clean and taking care of my little guy, but after my daughter was born I was re-introduced to essential oils. I always like to admit to my little break, because I think it is so common! When you get super jazzed on this idea of essential oils changing your world and they do, for a bit... but you have all these other bottles that you have no clue what to do with, you eventually find the next "thing" that is going to save the day. But this time was different... my mindset was different. I was diagnosed with Postpartum depression. So at the time of me hanging on by a thread with a newborn and 2 year old in preschool who was always sick, I had this amazing neighbor who would bring me oils and chocolate. I don't know if the oils helped me over this mountain of postpartum or the chocolate... but all I know, is that after she showed me how to properly use the oils and which ones can help with sadness and immunity --- we were no longer sick all the time and I was no longer living in this dark lonely cave of postpartum. I distinctly remember a defining moment when standing in my kitchen, diffusing wild orange and had this pull, this motivation... so I turned on some music, started cleaning the house, opening the windows and loving on my kids again. It makes me tear up every time I think of that moment, because it was the moment I feel like I was ME again. Wild Orange is my happy place :)


TMM: What are your top 5 go-to oils?:

 Marah: Frankincense (the "when in doubt oil" and makes your skin GLOW when mixed with face moisturizer daily and it is very grounding), Rose (Amazing for skin and immune support), OnGuard (it's our immunity protective blend - we rarely get sick in our house due to this oil and our daily supplements), Balance (I call this my little glass of wine - It calms me and my toddlers down in moments) & Wild Orange (my little saving grace oil. You can't NOT smile when you use this oil - gets you out of your funk)

TMM: What’s the best combo for a runny nose toddler?:

Marah: Lime oil diluted over the bridge of their noses and on their chests. It works like a charm for a faucet nose. I would also ALWAYS roll OnGuard on their tiny feet and down their spines. It will help cut the sick time in half!

TMM: What’s the best oil(s) for sleep?:

 Marah: Hands down Vetiver, Cedarwood and Serenity either in the diffuser or in a roller bottle. This combo puts me OUT LIKE A LIGHT in 10 minutes flat. I've had a very special request from my darling husband to wait juuuust a little bit before applying this oil... wink wink

TMM: What’s the best oil(s) for stress/anxiety?:

 Marah: Balance oil is a beautiful blend that has worked wonders during the most stressful times in my house. My son now asks for it by name when he is going through some tough "emotions". I have a Balance bottle in just about every room of our house and I will never not have it on me. So, if you see me at Target and you or your kiddo is having a rough time (doesn't it always happen at Target?), just know, I've got this little guy in my purse. It's the one oil I recommend to my mommy friends. It's a total mom-code oil in my book. I can't not spread the news that this is oftentimes a child-silencer.


TMM: What is one oil you couldn’t live without?

 Marah: Frankincense! 100% --- Frankincense is considered the KING OF OILS. When in doubt and you don't have any other oils, Frankincense will handle the situation. Rash? Frank will handle it. Stressed? Frank. Headache? Franks your guy. It is very grounding and is the oil of spiritual connectedness... and it can do no wrong. It also is a "magnifying oil" so when used with any other essential oil, it makes that oil even more effective. I very rarely exclude Frankincense from my blends. But what got me hooked was in my skincare routine! Frankincense encourages cell renewal. Babies cell turnover is at rapid speed, that's why their skin is so perfect. Any fountain of youth at this stage in my game (30's, two kids...) is welcome. I noticed a significant difference pretty quickly just putting 1 drop in my morning and evening moisturizer.


TMM: If a mama was just getting into oils what advice would you give her?

Marah: Definitely start with a KIT of some sort. The most empowering thing that I have experienced over the past few years of using essential oils, is that I can literally walk over to my dresser and get exactly what I need when an issue comes up with my family or friends. When my son is fighting something that is causing his temperature to spike, I go over and grab peppermint and put it on his little feet and up and down his spine and his body temperature will drop to a more comfortable level. When my daughter is constipated, I walk over to my oils and grab an oil called DigestZen and rub it around her belly button. And within a few minutes she isn't constipated any longer... When my husband is experiencing Jaw pain, because that is where he holds tension... I go over and grab an oil called Deep Blue and he instantly feels relief. When I have a damn sticker that isn't coming off of a gift i purchased at TJMAXX (100% Maxxanista right here!), I grab Lemon oil and it comes off without even needing to use my unmanicured finger nails. I don't have to wait for shipping or make a "quick trip" to Target just to find myself spending hundreds of dollars on things that would likely get a one time use. Not to mention all of the $3 impulse buys and cute sandals that I simply must have, right? You can truly be an empowered individual by having these basic oils that are within a kit, literally at your fingertips to take care of just about any situation that pops up within your household.


TMM: What’s the best advice you’ve been given when it comes to using oils?

Marah: Honestly --- just use them. Don't get overwhelmed with the idea that you HAVE to know everything about these multifaceted oils. There are incredible resources that are provided and my online oil community is massive!! Also, don't go to Whole Foods or Amazon to purchase your essential oils. I bought a Tea Tree oil from Whole Foods after first learning about essential oils. No surprise now, that it did absolutely NOTHING. I think I bought it for acne or something... It also stated on the bottle that if ingested, call poison control. That one sat in my old makeup junk pile for years. No joke! With doTERRA, you can 100% safely ingest our Tea Tree oil (also known as Melaleuca) and it is sooo amazing for problem skin and spot treatments. Essential oils are not regulated and since everyone is jumping on board and wanting to benefit financially from the incredible research that is coming out about how amazing doterra essential oils are, they are cutting every corner imaginable to just get them on the shelves and into your homes. doTERRA has a rigorous third party testing that they put each and every batch of oil through to guarantee purity, potency and safety. Each bottle has a little birth certificate of sorts to verify the CPTG (certified pure therapeutic grade). Its pretty impressive and it's the only company that I feel comfortable using on my kids!

TMM: What’s a good household cleaner recipe?

Marah: So we have an amazing Oil blend called OnGuard that is being researched by numerous hospitals across the nation because the research studies that are coming out about it are incredible (look up doTERRA OnGuard on pubmed). One study showed that just 3 drops of this OnGuard oil in a big 24oz glass container filled with just tap water literally kills 99.9% of bacteria and stops any and all growth. And it's completely nontoxic! You can lick it! It's actually good for you! Thats insane, right?! So for a Toy Cleaner, I do just that -- just a couple drops of OnGuard in a spray bottle. Set it and forget it! For an everyday all purpose cleaner, I LOVE a product in the OnGuard collection of products called 'Cleaning Concentrate'. It is just that a concentrate that you you add only 2 Tablespoons to water in a spray bottle. That's it! But I LOVE adding essential oils for even more added cleansing properties and a custom aroma. My personal favorite is 2 Tbs of the Cleaning Concentrate, 10 drops each of: Grapefruit Oil, Siberian Fir and Citrus Bliss in a glass spray bottle, filling the rest with water. I call this my "Anthropologie Blend". It smells incredible. And guess what... it costs about $1 to make! I like to switch up my oils I use in it depending on the season! All essential oils have antibacterial properties, so you simply can't go wrong. Follow your nose!!!


TMM: What is 1 beauty tip you swear by?

Marah: That's a tough one, because I am a routine girl, so every part of my beauty routine matters so much! Lol! It's like telling me to pick a favorite child... impossible! But I'm going to have to say that drinking half your body weight in water is a must! It's hard right!? I must admit that this has always been tough for me because I just don't like plain water all that much. But ever since I started using oils, I would add citrus oils to my water. We have so many, so I have a lot of different choices every day! Grapefruit, Lemon, Lime, Red Mandarin, Tangerine... just to name a few. You will most certainly catch me placing a drop in my sparkling water and/or champagne on the weekends too! No calories!

As you can see Marah is super cute and she’s super knowledgeable so go follow her instagram account Naturallymindedmarah. She shares great tips and tricks for using oils!

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions!


Below are a few rollerball blends for mama and for baby! Cheers!!

P.S. FCO is fractionated coconut oil and is what should be used to fill the rollerbottles with. 


Mama Rollerbottle Blends

Calm Mama:

10ml bottle

2 drops Geranium

2 drops Lavender

2 drops Sandalwood

2 drops Ylang Ylang

Fill with FCO

Use this blend to calm or relax the body and/or use at bedtime. Apply to the back of the neck, behind the ears or in the palms of your hands and inhale.

Happy Mama:

10ml bottle

2 drops Bergamot

2 drops Clary Sage

6 drops Frankincense

2 drops Grapefruit

2 drops Orange

Fill with FCO

Use this blend when you need a mental lift. Apply to back of neck or in the palms of your hands and inhale.

Milk Mama:

10ml bottle

2 drops Basil

2 drops Fennel

Fill with FCO

Apply to breasts after breastfeeding or pumping.


Baby Rollerbottle Blends


Sleepy Baby:

10ml bottle

2 drops Lavender

2 drops Frankincense

Fill with FCO

Roll onto big toes and bottoms of feet at bedtime.

Tiny Teeth:

10ml bottle

2 drops Lavender

2 drops White Fir

Fill with FCO

Apply to jawline as needed.

Tiny Tummy:

10ml bottle

2 drops Cardamom

2 drops Fennel

2 drops Orange

Fill with FCO

Apply to bottoms of feet and directly onto the belly.


Hope you enjoyed this and please share your favorite rollerbottle blends or diffuser combos you swear by! I am dying to know!