Essential Oil Rollers For The Modern Mama


Admittedly when I first heard of people using essential oils I thought they were nuts... until I used high quality oils for myself and my family and they actually worked. It’s nothing that’s going to change your life in one day but I’ve noticed that if anyone (aka Jack) gets sick, his sick time is cut in half. And when my husband has a “sore throat” (ladies we know that means the world is ending as we know it) I was able to help him feel better in a day. I have found it super empowering to be able to go to my shelf of oils and help my family in the most natural way possible. I have felt such a pull to share them with all my mama friends who battle all the sickness and germs also known as the playground, so I decided to make these super cute roller bottles. I wanted to create something that felt authentic to me and to share all of the benefits I’ve been experiencing. I’ve created 3 blends using pure therapeutic grade essential oils. Having roller bottles in my purse or diaper bag to roll on Jack or myself is my saving grace! These rollers are 10ml matte black. 

  • Momunity: Immunity boosting blend. Mamas don’t get to take sick days! 
  • Well Baby: Immunity boosting blend specially crafted for little immune systems.
  • Sane Mama: Because drinking wine at noon is hard to do without judgement. This blend is designed to bring balance, serenity, & happiness. 

I am so excited to share this passion of mine with you!


Cheers to natural and healthy living!