My Top 5 Favorite Diffuser Blends

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Hey Mama! I don’t know about you but I love to set the mood with a good diffuser blend, whether I want to feel energized or relaxed I always turn to my oils to do the trick. I could have used the sleepy time blend when Jack refused his nap the other day and I found myself with that little chunk in the Ergo pacing up and down my driveway like a freaking nut case trying to get him to fall asleep. Sometimes there really is no rest for the wicked, even when oils are involved.

Have you ever been there? I mean it’s crazy!! It’s like they know we desperately want them to go to sleep so we can enjoy all of the adulty things without them, which for me usually consists of a shower and possibly an episode of Kardashians (no judging).


I do have to say though, that since I have been introduced to using oils I have found through experimentation and recommendation some really fabulous diffuser blends that actually work.

I ALWAYS diffuse the sleep blend in Jack’s room each night. It has become such a routine with bedtime that Stefan will say to me “did we put Serenity in his diffuser?”. LOL yep! I swear it keeps him out and we use it in our room at night as well. We even bought him the cutest mini diffuser for his room from Amazon, it’s right HERE.

Jack was recently really stuffed up and so I began reaching out to my oily friends and Pinterest to find a good congestion blend and that’s when I came across the Cold Buster blend you’ll see below. I know we are getting into the season of coughs and runny noses so PLEASE trust me and give this a shot it’s amazing.


What oils do you love diffusing? I am always dying to try new combinations so please do share!!

Cold Buster:

I swear by this blend if you have a cough or congestion, it works so good!!

  • 4 drops lavender

  • 3 drops frankincense

  • 3 drops lemon

  • 2 drops peppermint

  • 1 drop eucalyptus

  • 1 drop tea tree oil (aka melaleuca)

Hunny I Just Cleaned The House:

Even if you just give your pillows a quick fluff this blend will smell like you’ve cleaned for hours!

  • 3 drops eucalyptus

  • 2 drops orange

  • 1 drop lemon

Xanax Is In The Air:

Ok, not really but this will instantly boost your mood.

  • 3 drops peppermint

  • 3 drops orange

Sleepy Time:

I swear this knocks me out instantly and I have the most restful sleep, I also put it in Jack’s room.

  • Serenity blend from doTerra BUT if you don’t have that then

  • 3 drops lavender

  • 2 drops vetiver

  • 2 drops cedarwood


Christmas Time:

  • 3 drops cinnamon

  • 3 drops white fir (or any pine scented oil)

  • 1 drop clove

I hope these blends find you just in your time of need or bookmark them for the future. Seriously though, what diffuser blends do you swear by? I am all about layering oils and always looking for good combos!!




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