4 Natural Beauty Products I'm Loving Right Now

4 Natural Beauty Products.png

Hey Mama, so I wanted to talk a little beauty talk today because if I’m being honest it’s so hard for me to try new things, but I am really really loving these products so I wanted to share.

I am freaky crazy when it comes to ingredients, especially since I know that it takes only 26 seconds for a product on your skin to get into your bloodstream. With that said, I like to use things that are ALWAYS cruelty-free and all natural. Click here to read about the scary truth of what’s in your products.

Now I know that as a stay-at-home mom (SAHM) beauty products are something you may only dream of because lets be fucking real here, when I get 2 minutes to myself I’m trying to shut my eyes or think about possibly shaving my legs for the week...so I get it, but these products really are little miracle workers.

First off can we all agree that we only get this one face!! So we have to treat it right. So long are the days where you should be using the Target brand night cream (no offense Target) but really have you read the harmful ingredient list on the back of the majority of the products on the shelf?

I know there are lots of fabulous women on Instagram with their $1,200 bag and really expensive sunglasses, and I’m over here “treating” myself to a good eye cream. Priorities are different for everyone LOL, plus let’s be real when you’re a SAHM you choose your purchases carefully.


So let’s get right into these beauties shall we?


  1. Pixi by Petra Large Lash Mascara: This mascara is sooo good I feel like it really makes my lashes look long and full and it’s only $16. It’s paraben free, fragrance free, and Ophthalmologically approved.

  2. Mama’s Mirac-Oil: A fellow mama blogger Carly is the mastermind behind this little miracle potion. I am always nervous to put oil on my face because I am afraid I’m going to breakout, but I needed to do something with how dry my face has been lately. I immediately fell in love with the scent of this oil and upon application it just melts into your skin. It is heaven. I love that it is full of pure organic essential oils. There are no parabens or added fragrance or harmful chemicals, it’s just pure oils and it’s amazing. Contact Carly via Instagram to get yours! Linked HERE

  3. Arbonne Rejuvenating Cream: I have been using Arbonne forever and I am obsessed with their skincare but this cream works miracles for dry skin I swear. I also use it as my neck cream.

  4. Lawless Beauty Liquid Lipstick: Natural AF, non-toxic and the pigment of these lipsticks are amazing. The packaging is everything and I love that Annie (Co-founder of Suja Juice) once again made it uber cool to use natural and clean products. I literally haven’t taken this stuff off. I bought the shade “Brad” and it’s the perfect mauve color and it lasts a long time. Plus I also feel like maybe it’s some kind of optical illusion but I swear my lips look bigger/fuller with this stuff on. I am definitely going to be ordering multiple colors.


So there you have it! I hope I was able to introduce you to some new goodies! You can shop below!


Happy Monday Ladies.