My Top 4 Frozen Dinner Meals From Trader Joe's

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Happy Monday and Happy Holidays! I literally can’t believe Christmas is in a week...where did the year go and better yet where did my baby go? My girlfriend Michelle and I took our toddlers to a trampoline park where they have a designated toddler area, and they went nuts. Jack was in full sprints bouncing literally off the walls, it was incredible to watch. I just kept thinking where did my little baby go? Ugh I am getting emotional as I write this and this post is supposed to be about frozen food, go figure. But really, it’s insane to me how much I F-ing love this little person and I could literally just watch him explore for hours. Being a mom is the most magical thing I’ve ever experienced.

Now… let’s spare you anymore tears and get right to the good stuff, the FOOD.

So as we know cooking a lavish dinner is, well, hard, with that said thank fucking god for Trader Joe’s stepping up their vegan game. I am LIVING for their vegan jackfruit curry, I mean it’s spicy as hell but it’s worth every bead of sweat it takes to eat.

I think there’s a lot of misconception about frozen vegetables or fruit for that matter. Frozen vegetables are picked at the heir peak of their ripeness so eating them is totally healthy. Obviously fresh veggies are where it’s at, but if you have 30 minutes to get dinner on the table and not 30 minutes to massage kale, them frozen it is.

We always stock up on these frozen items from Trader Joe’s (this is not a sponsored post, I wish it was TJ’s holler at me) so in a pinch or in a moment of, “I have no energy to make dinner tonight” I know I have something healthy to offer my family.

So let’s dive into the goodness and if you’ve tried something vegan from Trader PLEASE share with me!

  1. Vegetable Pad Thai: This baby has 9g of protein and tastes extremely if not the same as when you order it from a Thai restaurant. We are big Thai food fans in this house so I am super stoked on this item.

  2. Riced Cauliflower Stir Fry: YES, this tastes super fresh and Jack loves it. I prepare this two ways, I either make it as it is and squeeze fresh lemon and sprinkle red chili flakes. The other way I prepare it is by adding some sort of teriyaki sauce to it and have it over quinoa to give it some bulk and added protein.

  3. Jackfruit Curry: This is super spicy so not good for the littles, but if you like heat and you like curry this is the jam for sure! It doesn’t get better than this in the frozen department, and it has 8g of plant protein.

  4. Vegetable Fried Rice: We eat this at least once a week in our house and it’s great to pair with fried tofu or tempeh, or by itself. Jack is a big fan of this and I like that he’s getting a variety of veggies and protein from the rice and edamame. This is a must have item.

I would love to hear if you’ve tried any of these or if you have an recommendation of something secret at Trader Joe’s that I need to try immediately! I love you mamas thanks so much for stopping by and if you head over to my Instagram I’ve got a super fun giveaway happening with The Moody Bean who makes the cutest reusable snack bags and my TMM MAMA + LITTLE sleep roller blends. Go enter!!