5 Simple things you can do today to ensure a healthy New Year.

 Photo:  Marife Albay

As we know the holidays sure are a time of indulgence and stress, and stress can lead to over indulgence. It’s a slippery slope so it’s important to implement healthy choices amongst the chaos when you can.

There really is no need to put off taking healthy steps now toward whatever goals you have for yourself in the new year. Plus, actively practicing healthy choices now helps to ensure a smoother transition into your New Year’s resolutions.

 Photo:  Marife Albay

Let’s get into it shall we?

1. Choose fresh ingredients when drinking alcohol:

This is THE time of year to tie one on if ya know what I mean. There's a holiday event every weekend which means you will probs be drinking more than normal, and those alcohol calories can creep up on ya. Opt for using fresh rosemary or muddled fresh berries to give your champagne cocktails a festive vibe. I've got a recipe HERE for ya!

2. Walk:

Yes, simply walk. Don't over commit (save that for resolution time) to an exercise goal. Take the stairs when you can and try to get out and walk for 20 minutes in the evening or afternoon with the kids.

3. Experiment with making some of your favorite holiday comfort foods in a healthy way:

I have a healthy peppermint mocha creamer recipe that is SO GOOD, here.

4. Have self control:

Literally though...just because it's December the world is not ending so there's no need to eat an entire fruit cake because "it's the holidays". Ya feel me?

5. Stay busy:

Get involved with a local mommy and me group in your community or take turns hosting holiday craft playdates with your mommy friends. This is healthy for your sanity and it gets you out of the house and talking with other adults! Wine is always an acceptable adult beverage for playdates as well.


Till next time.




 Photo:  Marife Albay