Mom's Night Out


Let’s just take a moment and acknowledge how desperately important it is to have a mom’s night out. I mean seriously. My best girlfriend Ashley and I went out the other night for a little MNO and we had the best time. I honestly feel that having that night makes you a better mother and wife, or you will at least be buzzed enough to maybe not be too tired to have sex with your husband. Either way, it’s a win win.

We get bogged down on the daily with our routines and our nap schedules and our lack of sleep that we forget what it’s like to let loose and have a little fun. Even if you realize that you may be two of the oldest bitches at the bar, it’s so much fun.

I was feeling like I was getting ready to snap and not because I am unhappy being a mom, but because I am a mom. Does that make sense? I am (we are) a full time stay at home 24/7 on call mom and it’s the BEST, but I am also human and it can sometimes feel like all you do is change diapers and drink coffee to stay awake.

So this is where a fun MNO comes in.

Ashley and I decided to go to a bar and maybe “hop around” yep you read that right, at the age of 30 I was looking forward to bar hopping. Anyways, one spicy tequila cocktail down and we were feeling good. OMG we were laughing and talking about old times, talking about our kids, our spouses (shh don’t tell them), and all the other shit that makes us crazy and happy! One more spicy cocktail and we were feeling reeeeallly good.

We were off to the next bar where we politely asked the bartender to make us a spicy cocktail (ya know to keep with our theme) wait, I lied. I asked for a light beer because I was feeling a little too loosey-goosey after two cocktails(insert “you know you’re a mom when” joke here).

I got a light beer and the bartender for some reason poured Ashley a shot which caused her to immediately blurt out “I’m a MOM!” in a nervous panic. Was MNO about to get real, like shots of tequila real? We started cracking up. Of course our former 21 year old selves would have happily gulped down a few shots before deciding on a cocktail, but our now 29 & 30 year old momselves politely declined. There are so many funny things that happened that night that would probably totally bore you so I'll spare you, but can we just talk about the fact that our Uber driver told us he calls himself Jack, after Jack Dawson from Titanic. If you know me, I love everything about this. Sometimes the most random shit will be a forever memory that will keep you cracking up and that is just another perk/memory compliments of MNO. 

Long story short we ended up at our old stomping grounds harassing the DJ at about 9:45pm to play hip-hop from the 90’s. Also, informing him that we are both moms and “we just wanna dance”. And just like that the sweet barely 21 year old DJ played us #allthehiphop . We even almost got hit on when I kindly informed the boys that we were married and moms. He actually yelled “prove it” and so in unison Ashley and I flipped him the ring finger and looked at each other and laughed as he basically grabbed his friend and ran away.

I will admit throughout the night I saw lots of young pretty girls, lots of guys, lots of singles and they were all I’m sure on their 11th drink for the night hoping to make some bad decisions. I had a moment where I put myself in their shoes and thought back to when I was in my early twenties, unmarried, not a mom, and as free as a bird. I would stay out way too late and dance my ass off any chance I got. While those times were fun and crazy and more fun, I would not change being a mom who was home by 11:30pm after drinking water at the bar for anything.

I think going out with Ashley was so much fucking fun I just can’t even. But I know for the both of us coming home to our sweet babies and our husbands was the best part of the night.

Going out and getting to be with your girlfriends whether they are moms or not, is so crucial to making you appreciate the life you have at home. I feel hungover just thinking about staying up past 12am, lol.

It’s good for the mama’s soul to get dressed up and have a night with her friends. We deserve that and don’t EVER let anyone make you think you don’t. We give 100% of ourselves to our children our marriage and the laundry. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to have time away from home and your children, it makes coming home to them that much sweeter.



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