6 Ways To Make Valentine’s Day Special & Stay at Home

So having kids or babies can make going out for a romantic Valentine’s Day a little tricky... so I decided to come up with a few things that you can do to keep the romance alive and include your kids (if you want to lol).

I have to say, as I have said before I LOVE Valentine’s Day. I love everything about it and I think having a baby makes it that much more special, and crazy all at the same time. I mean let’s be honest, by the time you pay for a sitter and the cost of dinner and possibly a new dress your tapping into your kids college fund. The struggle is real, I get it. However it’s so important to keep that romance alive. It’s important to check in with your spouse and remember why you got married and knocked up (sometimes multiple times over).

So here are a few fun ways to make your evening special and stay home:

  1. Make dinner TOGETHER after kids go to bed. Experiment with a new recipe or splurge on some good ingredients. This is a fun way to connect alone and work together on something. Stefan and I do this all throughout the week. Cooking together is hot!

  2. Bake cupcakes during the day with the kids. While this may be messy it’s a fun experience for you and them. Make sure to set aside one special cupcake for your spouse to make them feel special when they get home. Get creative!

  3. Watch a romantic movie with a bottle of wine when the kids go to bed. My husband is like 95% perfect but sometimes getting him to watch a “chick flick” is like pulling teeth. So research a few classics and cuddle up.

  4. Make homemade Valentine’s with the kids. Each of you make one for your spouse. I am sure your spouse will feel extra special to get this and plus you can write some inappropriate stuff in yours, the kids won’t know.

  5. Write a gratitude list that’s specific to your spouse. Let them know how you appreciate them and love them for all they do. Something as simple as this is a total game changer. Whenever Stefan and I get in a “disagreement” I make him tell me 5 things he loves about me and I do the same for him. This really helps turn the mood around.

  6. Surprise your partner by getting dressed up before they come home. This is a fun way to feel sexy and look sexy for your special V-Day (parents night in). A little lipstick and mascara can go a long way.

I hope that you picked up a few good ideas and can celebrate the day of love in a fun new way.