Super Affordable Workout Gear

I feel like in this day in age workout gear is all the rage. I really love that brands are now making such cute stuff that you can go from pilates to lunch and still look hot. I on the other hand live in my workout clothes because I teach FIT4MOM Stroller Strides and when I'm not teaching I am getting my own sweat on. 

Having a baby that I am home with 24/7 means I am usually in my workout clothes from the moment I put them on in the morning until after bath time at night. On the rare chance Jack naps long enough for me to shower midday, I live in my spandex. 

Becoming a mom is the best thing ever and staying at home is the best thing ever but can we be real for just a sec who can really afford a Lululemon habit? I know I may get some upset mamas but what is so fabulous about that brand besides all the hype? Anyways, I always (roll eyes emoji).

I am currently Forever 30, but still buy stuff from Forever 21 so judge if you will but I like cute stuff on a budget. I have recently fallen in love with their activewear.

I SUPER love that you can get an entire outfit for under $50 INCLUDING a sports bra. I mean spit up is spit up, or barf, or runny nose or diarrhea... the list goes on when you're a mom. I can rest easier knowing my $9 sports bra (that looks cute AF) just got peed on. I just can't see that happening to a $100 pair of yoga pants.

I am wearing all F21 and I LOVE LOVE like I live for a cute black Nike shoe.

You can shop my super affordable look below.