Why Teething Is A Blessing + 3 Remedies

Now before you unsubscribe to this blog and curse my name hear me out. Teething sucks. I think most mamas can agree on that, but it’s been my experience that Jack is the most loving and clingy and “needing his mommy” the most, when he’s teething… How do you not love that?

It’s painful to miss sleep because the baby may be up more often but how sweet is it when they can only be comforted by you?

When they just need their mommy to snuggle with and nurse or be rocked? I just LOVE that. I used to be super ANNOYED but then I had a total shift in my perspective.

I love my child more than Leonardo DiCaprio and the strongest cup of coffee, but when you’ve had little sleep and this crying kid won’t let you put them down, it’s annoying.

One morning I woke up and Jack was 6 months and then he was 7 months and then… you get the picture. He’s 9 months, where did that time go? My baby isn’t going to be a baby forever so I realized I needed to see the blessing in those times where he needed just me, the most.

I feel like we get these little sprinkles of time where our babies really need us (their mama). So who am I to take that for granted? I have been soaking up every single moment that he wants to be cuddled extra long, or held or nursed for what feels like an entire day. These are the moments I will never get back.

So instead of feeling frustrated and stressed that I can’t pee alone or have had no sleep I am practicing embracing it.

I know it sounds crazy but teething just might be the most special of times we have with our babes.

With that said, what do you do when your baby is teething? How do you comfort them? Or better yet, how do you see the beauty in the breakdown?

Here’s 3 things you can naturally do to help alleviate any pain your little may be experiencing while teething.


1. Banana and avocado popsicles:


  • 1 banana
  • 1 avocado
  • ½ cup unsweetened coconut yogurt


Combine ingredients in high powered blender or food processor and fill popsicle trays. Freeze for at least 6 hours.


2. Fruit ice treats:


  • 1 medium mango, peeled
  • ½ cup spinach
  • You will also need 1 ice cube tray
  • The mesh teethers found here


Peel mango and add mango and spinach with a little bit of water to a high powered blender and blend until combined. Pour mixture into ice cube tray. Once frozen add the ice cube to a mesh teether and let baby enjoy!


3. Milk Pop


  • Breast milk
  • Pacifier
  • Ice cube tray


Pump and pour breast milk into ice cube tray, then place the pacifier in the milk and freeze. Once frozen pop the individual pacifier out and give to baby to suck on!