Life with a 30 minute napper, WTF


Does anyone out there have a short napper? Like I am talking 30 minute nap twice a day? I just can’t even finish a shower before Jack is up again. When they say, “the struggle is real” it literally is so fucking real.

I thought once Jack started crawling he would be tired out and nap longer, but, no, he’s down for 30 and up to party.

Living a life with a short napper is legitimately like a thing, like a thing that needs to be recognized by husbands across the globe. It’s called I’ve been “ON” playing mommy all day with two 30 minute breaks, one of which I spent in silence staring at the floor trying to regain my energy for when this spawn of you wakes again, and the other trying to pee and brush my teeth.

The even sicker part about it is that when he’s asleep I almost miss him until 2 seconds go by and I pray he sleeps for 4 hours.

Is that awful? Is it terrible to want to have some freaking time alone to maybe I don’t know, shave your legs, or take off your workout clothes?

I have mama friends who tell me, “once he starts walking the naps will get longer”. Well, shit! They better, I mean I hope they do.

I mean mamas what do you do? Sometimes I just come upstairs and stare at the monitor in anticipation of my little angel (lol) waking in the next 25 minutes and I get nothing done.

After all is said and done, I do realize this is what I signed up for in becoming a mom. I wouldn’t change it for the world because god is he so cute and pathetic looking when he gets up from his “nap”. He’s truly my son because it takes him a good 15-20 minutes to actually wake up and act social after he sleeps. He can only be comforted by mama and sucking his thumb on my shoulder and I would die a thousand times over to have my sweet little boy need me like that.

Being a mom is fucking nuts and so magical all at once. I know I say that all the time, but it’s true.

Mamas any advice on napping???