When Do You Decide To Have A Second Child?


Hey Mama!

I literally had to pour a glass of chardonnay to write this, and then I drank it and had to pour another. So I have a group of hot super babe mamas that are my close friends, but these crazy girls keep talking about having a second child!!

I’m over here just trying to shave my legs twice a month and sleep all night, why the hell would I want to throw another baby in the mix?!

The sickest part is that it had me thinking, “should Stefan and I have another baby? When would we do this, god I hope it’s a girl”.

It’s so crazy!! SO I want to know, when do you decide to have a second child (if it doesn’t come as a surprise after a long night of watching Dateline and one and half margaritas)--Ok that was parent joke, LOL.


Honestly though when is it a good time to have a second baby? Do they need to be spaced out a certain amount so you keep your sanity, what’s left of it. Do you and your husband ever have sex again when there’s 2 kids running around, does your vagina really “bounce back”, is a boob job in the contract after nursing two… I mean I just have so many questions.

Of course my adorable mama tribe is just chomping at the bit to expand their family and I honestly don’t know if I do.

I’m sure when the time is right then you’ll know (I’ll know). Well unlucky for my husband because when I want something I want it like now. I literally woke up one morning and decided I wanted a baby and basically sexually assaulted him everyday until I had one…

My point being is that I guess there is no real checklist for something like this, I think it just has to feel right and you have to feel “ready”.

One of my biggest fears though is will I have as much love for the second baby as I do for Jack? I love Jack so much that sometimes it hurts, I don’t know if my heart could grow bigger and make room. Has any mama ever felt this way?

I’d love to hear your thoughts or stories on just having 1 baby and then deciding to have more. How did it make you feel and do you have any advice to the mamas out there who are like me?

Love you ladies!!