Bazzle Baby Giveaway


It’s hard to find cute chic looking baby bibs or bandanas for teething so I was super pumped when I came across Bazzle Baby’s products. As you may have noticed I love a good black and white print, simple and clean. It’s so hard to find this in the baby section.

Now I don’t have to stress about taking cute photos of Jack and snatching off an ugly teething bandana or bib before I take the shot. I also love how super super soft all the material is.

There’s nothing worse than buying something because it’s cute but it’s super uncomfortable.

So let’s get right into what’s in this giveaway.

The BandoBib: This is like a super soft infinity scarf that can we worn all year long. The BandoBib sits right under the chin and catches all of the drool. This is perfect because it looks like an accessory but is multifunctional.


Banda Bib: Bazzle Baby was the original creator of the bandana-style drool bib over 10 years ago. It is made from super soft cotton so it absorbs every inch of drool. There’s an adjustable snap closure that fits ages 0 to 3. I am OBSESSED with the black and white print on this!

Big Bib: This is awesome because it literally protects any outfit and ensures the mess stays on the bib! And it’s super soft.


Pocket Burper: Jack has passed the stage of needing to be burped and spitting up but I couldn’t help but fall in love with how genius these burping clothes are. There’s a little pocket that hangs over your shoulder so it catches every last drop of that spit up! I mean why didn’t I think of this? So glad that Bazzle Baby did.

Bitsy Bib: This is a mini version of the Big Bib. This bib is perfect for the littlest of eaters. I like this bib to keep in my diaper bag for when I am out at lunch and need something for Jack! It’s the perfect size.


I have teamed up with Bazzle Baby to bring you a special discount code. Simply type in the code "DEAL" when you checkout to get 10% off your order! You can do so by heading over to

So Mamas everything you see below is included in the giveaway! All you have to do is go to my instagram :themodernmamahood and tag 3 friends on the post of Jack wearing the Bazzle Baby Banda Bib. 


All that is in the giveaway: 

Pocket Burper

Bitsy Bib

Banda Bib

Big Bib



Love you ladies!