Modern Mama Britt Gibson

I am so thrilled to have this babe as this month's second Modern Mama! Britt Gibson is an incredible mama of 2 and she does motherhood with such grace it makes me not only want to be like her but have a million kids because she makes it look that easy. 

So let's get right into it! 

TMM: Introduce yourself: What’s your name, the name of your kid(s), and where are you from?

Britt: My name is Britt Gibson and I am known as mama to my three and a half year old son, Dane, and my 18 month old daughter, Issa. I’m from Poway, California, but live in Carlsbad with my babes and my husband, Trent.

TMM: How has becoming a mom changed you?

Britt: Becoming a mother has made me more compassionate, patient and really, has made me the best version of myself. Being a mother pulls so much of you to the surface in the most beautiful, raw way while testing you, softening you, grounded you and inspiring you. So I am constantly changing and growing with my children. I think becoming a mother has been a humbling experience too. No matter how much I prepped or planned, I really had no idea what type of mother I was going to become. I had no idea how all-consuming the love for my children would be.

TMM: How do you stay connected to yourself while still being a full time mom?

Britt: Sometimes I feel like I am so deep in motherhood, that that is my only identity. So to help me stay connected to myself, I stay connected to my friends. Just having other women to share in this journey with and to lift each other up makes all the difference. And it also helps to have wine nights, coffee dates, long bubble baths and date nights with my husband where I actually put on some heels and something I wouldn’t dare wear around my babes and their sticky fingers! I also own a health and wellness business with Arbonne and I document my days with my babes on a blog. Having those to keep me busy in my down time allows me to live out my creative itch. And everyone that knows me, knows I love a good project, so making our house a home and doing arts and crafts always helps me feel connected to myself.

TMM: Red or White wine?

Britt: Red! But there is something to say about a mojito on these warm, sunny days we’ve been having.

TMM: What’s something that you are grateful for since becoming a mother?

Britt: I am such a sap and I could list a gazillion things, but if I have to name just one right now, it would be drinking an entire hot cup of coffee in one sitting, while listening to my kids laughter as they play nicely in the playroom. I have so much gratitude for that and I know I’m not the only one! Motherhood has really forced me to slow down and savor those sweet moments and there is nothing like seeing life through the eyes of a child! I’m grateful to experience life like that.

TMM: What’s one trick or tip someone’s given you that you could share with the TMM community in regards to motherhood?

Britt: Lately I have been listening to parenting podcasts and they have really been helping me see things from a different perspective. My kids are so different, so something that worked with my son doesn’t always work with my daughter. Dane is speech delayed and Issa is in the thick of the toddler stage, so we deal with a lot of tantrums and frustration, and just being able to gain some insight into different parenting philosophies has helped tremendously. So, my tip would be to use the resources that are available to you. There are so many, and the best way to learn about them is to just chat with other moms. Sometimes you have to allow yourself to be vulnerable. We are all in this together and I promise if you’re going through something, there are plenty of other moms that are too. 

Just in case there are any parents that might be concerned with their babe having a speech or developmental delay, check out your closest Regional Center. This was a blessing for us in getting Dane an early start in his therapies and I wish I would’ve have known about that resource sooner.

TMM: What could you be caught wearing most days?

Britt: Athleisure. Always. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better than leggings, lululemon appeared. And I always have a top knot!

TMM: How long were you in labor with your baby(s)?

Britt: Dane ended up being a Cesarean baby because he was in the posterior position (sunny side up). Basically he was stuck and was not going to come out no matter how long I pushed, and I tried for 2+ hours. From the time my water broke to the time I was prepped for surgery was 14 hours. Issa was a planned C-section.

TMM: What is one thing you do to keep a healthy lifestyle?

Britt: I am very mindful of what I put in and on my body. I know we are bombarded with toxins wherever we go, so I do my best to use pure, safe products on my family and eat as clean as we can. Those are the things we have control of. Arbonne products are my family’s favorite and I don’t think I could survive without their vegan protein. Also, Dane has always been a “runner” so between him and Issa, I am always moving, chasing and carrying at least one of them! They definitely keep me active.

TMM: What is one thing you did as a teenager that you hope your kid(s) won’t do LOL?

Britt: As a teen I was really involved in sports and too focused on that to get into trouble. I honestly just don’t think I had any time for it and I wasn’t a very impressionable kid. But, I did loose a sense of who I was when I dated my high school sweetheart and stopped doing some of the things I had worked really hard for. So I hope that my kids always know their value and worth and focus on their happiness as well as others. And hopefully they’ll take more of my parental advice than I took from my parents.

TMM: At TMM we believe that self-care is right up there with breathing. So, what do you do to make sure you are taking care of you? 

Britt: I think this goes back to leading a healthy lifestyle. I know that if I am not at my best then I can’t be the best wife and mother that I want to be. If you’ve ever felt sluggish or sick while mothering, than you know what I’m talking about! I think that over the past few years I have really put myself last and it wasn’t a conscious decision, but just how things always seemed to fall into place. So I am really trying to focus more on my self-care and putting the same amount of energy into myself that I put into my kids. Its a work in progress. But the easiest thing for me to do on a day-to-day basis is be conscious of what I put in and on my body and also take a few minutes each morning to write in my gratitude journal.

TMM: What’s in your purse?

Britt: Always the essentials for my babes: snacks, Honest juice boxes for back-up, diapers for Issa, an extra pair of underwear for Dane, endless wipes for everything and more often than not an extra set of clothes because the one time I don’t bring any I will need them for sure. And I always have diaper cream, sunscreen and lotion. And since it is my purse after all, I toss a few things in there for me too. Right now I have my favorite Arbonne eye liner, lipstick in Willow, sample size mascara and concealer, for that same reason that if I don’t have any with me I will be in dire need of it that one time. Hopefully my wallet is always in there, gum, a pack of almonds, a few of Issa’s clip on bows and my favorite Chanel sunnies. 

TMM: What’s your favorite curse word?

Britt: As a mom you get really good at saying things under your breath, but the other day Issa said “oh shit!” so apparently, I’m not as good as I thought! Another one that comes out of my mouth quite often is, are you fucking kidding me!?

TMM:What is one beauty tip or trick you love?

Britt: I am obsessed with my Arbonne Facial Oil and there isn’t a day that I don’t use it. I put it on in the morning right before my CC Cream (if I even wear any make-up) and I put it on at night too. It just gives my skin a glow and hydrates it without it being oily at all. It just makes me feel fresh! I also believe in a strong brow and I resist every urge to pluck mine. Using my brow pencil every day makes me feel more put together than wearing mascara does. I think if you have a somewhat defined brow then it makes you look polished even when you haven’t washed your hair in days. At least that is what I tell myself.

TMM: Anything else you care to share about motherhood or supporting women in general…?

Britt: The days are long, but the years are short. Every time I read that I remember to slow down and have gratitude, even for the moments that I want to pull my hair out, because those moments, along with the sweet, heart bursting moments, make up the fabric of the life we get to share with our kids. And also because I know everything is just a season, so I try to enjoy the ebb and flow of things. When it comes down to it, we are all doing the best that we can and we are all in this motherhood journey together, so I hope we will all support each other on our best days and on our worst. I love that we have a space like TMM to bring us mamas together too!