May we not raise assholes


I know the title may be a little harsh, but you girls know me by now and I always give it to ya straight up.

We have this incredible responsibility placed on us to raise kind, smart, and loving individuals. We do this through leading by example, so let’s show our children to keep their word. Ya know that old saying, “Your word is your bond”, well it freaking is!

I literally can’t handle it when people are flakey, like say they will do something or be somewhere and they always back out and bail. I mean WHYYY, why does this happen. Or they just totally avoid any communication. I would much rather someone be assertive and say “no” to something then just avoid.

Sure, I’ve totally flaked on things in my life, we all have.


I do make it a point though to always keep my word. I want people to know they can count on me whether that means showing up on time or showing up period. I now more than ever want my son to know he can count on me and I will always follow through and keep my word.

I learned this from my mother and I want Jack to learn this from me. My mom always kept her word even when it came to me being grounded. If she said I was grounded for 2 weeks, you better believe I was grounded for 14 days to the day, not a day early was I let off. I don’t find that to be strict because it kept me from doing “too much” naughty stuff because I know she would stick to her word when it came time for punishment.


She also taught me through example to not flake on people and to call people back and to be kind. As an adult woman it drives me fucking crazy when I am interacting with other adults who are acting like small children who don’t know any better.

All that we do as parents gets mirrored in our children from a young age so let’s show them how to be a stand up dependable individual.

If you are offended because you know you’re a flakey person, it’s fine I still love you, but stop. HAHA, but really it’s annoying please stop.

We are so blessed to be able to teach our children about all of the cool things life has to offer and one of the best things is showing them how to be kind and considerate. We do this by example.

So let’s be kind to each other and show compassion and understanding through our actions, after all actions speak louder than words.



Natalie SchwartzComment