Easy plant-based meal prep for babies and toddlers


Guuuurl let me tell you cooking veggies and beans and yada yada for a baby on top of doing it for you and your husband ain't no walk in the park. Nurtition is probably on my Top 3 most important things list. I want Jack to eat the way that we do, so with that comes cooking.

When he was 6 months and got the "ok" to start solids I was so freaked about choking I pureed everything! Then the daunting task of doing that was well, annoying. I started Jack on the organic non gmo pouches and he loved them!

Flash forward to 10 months old this kid has to learn how to feed himself and start getting off the boob soon, so I decided to meal prep for him.

Learn from my mistake of trying to cook all kinds of separate stuff at different times and then going crazy and drinking waaaaay too much wine.

I finally decided I would choose 1 vegetable, 1 fruit, and a plant-based protein. Sometimes I go nuts and throw in 2 veggies.

Just for example in this post I chose zucchini, carrot, asparagus, and red lentils. Jack F-ing loves red lentils, like shoveling them in his mouth loves them. 

I set aside 20 minutes where I cook up the split red lentils from Trader Joe's (they are like under $2 a bag) and I peel the skin of the veggies that need it. I then chop the veggies and boil them  until they are tender enough to gum about 15 minutes. 

I cut everything the size of a cheerio and I throw the veggies and lentils in a bunch of ziploc bags and put them in the fridge.


This way when lunch or dinner comes, I just dump the baggy onto his highchair tray or a plate and heat it for 15 seconds. BOOM, he's got a full plant-based nutritious meal and I only had to cook once.

Honestly this has made our weeks aka my life run so much smoother.