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Recently like 10 months recently, since becoming a mom going to Target has been like "the thing to do" it's a baby safe place I feel.

There's so much fun stuff in the what used to be $1 section which is now cute AF with $3 and $5 options!

As a new mom getting out of the house was suuuuper crucial for my sanity so off to Target we went (and still do). I love browsing the aisles buying shit I think I need and realize when I get home I don't. Ahh, the life of a stay at home mom (Sorry husband). 

But back to the point of this post, Target has some really cute stuff that is stay at home mom budget friendly. AND what I love most is I saw this super cute mom at the park the other day, like the most put together ever kinda mom, and I complemented her sandals and she smiled and said "Target!". It's like I wanted to become bffs with her for one second before I realized she'd probably think it was a tad creepy if I asked for her number.

I have found some super cute shoes there under $20 and three cute T-shirts I wear all the time that are kinda of a longer cropped fit (so cute) for $9 (#6 on the list). I mean wtf it's amazing. PLUS, I am obsessed with all their new home decor, they have really stepped up their game in this department.

And lastly the #bossmom Victoria Beckham, you know the Spice Girl with the hot husband, yes... she has come out with a line at Target for adults babies and toddlers that is so freaking cute, I can't! 

I have put together a fun list of My Target Must Haves just for you! We just recently bought the basket #8 on the list and it's so cute to put lemons and limes in for decor purposes. We are using it to pile our crap in that we need by the table at the door! Think keys, sunglasses, teething crackers (can't leave the house without those!). 

I am also obsessed with #2 on the list because I just pile in Jack's toys. Out of sight, out of mind.

Please share below if there is something you love from Target that makes mama life that much easier!! 

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