Modern Mama Bethany Foster


So excited to share with you guys this month's first Modern Mama Bethany. She is so sweet and down to earth I was literally laughing and and agreeing with so many of he responses below! I am so excited for you to meet her and see how she does mamahood. 

TMM: Introduce yourself: What’s your name, the name of your kid(s), and where are you from?

Bethany: My name is Bethany Foster and my husband and I have been married for almost 4 years. We have a wonderful 2 year old son named Dean and live in Vista, CA where I was born and raised! We actually bought my childhood home from my parents a few years back so it has been so awesome showing Dean the ropes of where I grew up!

TMM: How has becoming a mom changed you?

Bethany: Becoming a mom has rocked my world. It has forced me to slow down and pay attention to the little things that really matter and has allowed me to realize that things don’t have to be perfect to be great! It has shown me an unconditional love that I never knew existed (I know that sounds so cliche but it's soooo true!) and has made me value my husband even more than I did before. I love my little family more than anything!

TMM: How do you stay connected to yourself while still being a full time mom?

Bethany: I just make sure to continue doing things I love, even if I can’t do them as often as I used to. I really enjoy DIY projects, cooking, doing makeup, yoga, and the list goes on. I think it’s so important to make sure you keep doing these things for your own sanity. As moms, our worlds revolve around a tiny human, but without taking a little time for yourself, you will absolutely go nuts!

TMM: Red or White wine?

Bethany: Wine.

TMM: What’s something that you are grateful for since becoming a mother?

Bethany: I am SO grateful for the time I get to spend with my son. I am lucky enough to only work 2 days a week, and am so thankful to have an incredibly hardworking husband who lets me live the dream I have always had! I am also incredibly lucky that my mom is willing to watch Dean the 2 days I do go into work. He loves spending time with Mimi! Oh ya, and I'm grateful for wine because I have a 2 year that bad? I don’t think so.

TMM: What’s one trick or tip someone’s given you that you could share with the TMM community in regards to motherhood?

Bethany: Put your baby to bed for the night in the early evening. This way, you and your husband can connect without having to entertain a baby at the same time. This is a LIFESAVER! Dean goes to bed at 7 every night and we get to chat, catch up, veg, and just be a couple. I HIGHLY recommend it!

TMM: What could you be caught wearing most days?

Bethany: I wear workout clothes WAY more than I would like to admit...and we will just say that it’s because I work out so much... ;)

TMM: How long were you in labor with your baby(s)?

Bethany: Don’t get mad...Dean was 5 weeks early so my labor did not seem like real life. I guess it was 10 hours total but I slept through most of it after I had an epidural and only pushed for 2 minutes.... I have a feeling I’m in for a rude awakening whenever I have another baby!

TMM: What is one thing you do to keep a healthy lifestyle?

Bethany: STROLLER STRIDES! I had heard about it before I had Dean but it wasn’t until after my sister had her son and started going that I went to my first class. It is so awesome to be able to work out with your kiddo and create awesome relationships with mamas who are going through the same things you are!

TMM: What is one thing you did as a teenager that you hope your kid(s) won’t do LOL?

Bethany: I was a pretty good kid, but I do remember a few occasions where I lied about where I was going or who I was with...I don't doubt that Dean will do that at some point too, but somehow my mom ALWAYS knew so hopefully that sixth sense is hereditary!

TMM: At TMM we believe that self-care is right up there with breathing. So, what do you do to make sure you are taking care of you?

Bethany: I NEVER go to bed without taking off my makeup and washing my face. My mom taught me that habit from a young age and I 100% think that is why I have had relatively good luck with my skin! I also try to put myself together with some sort of makeup as often as possible (yes...even if I'm wearing workout clothes and a hat) because it just makes me feel more confident!

TMM: What’s in your purse?

Bethany: Oh lord, let’s look...keys, sunglasses, hand sanitizer, a buttload of essential oils, Kate Spade card holder, a mini tractor, a package of fruit snacks, about 5 lipsticks/glosses/liquid lips, lash glue, Dean’s sunglasses, a hot wheels car, a ton of change, and a kid’s granola bar...there’s quite the variety these days!

TMM: What’s your favorite curse word?

Bethany: Given the fact that Dean is a parrot lately, I’ve really had to watch my mouth, but I do find myself saying "What the Fuck?" under my breath quite a bit!

TMM: What is one beauty tip or trick you love?

Bethany: Tinted Moisturizer is LIFE! I love love love makeup and try to “put on my face” daily, but let’s be real, there are just some days when it's not gonna happen. But slapping on some tinted moisturizer, some blush, and a dab of mascara makes ALL the difference!!

TMM: Anything else you care to share about motherhood or supporting women in general...?

Bethany: Do what works for you! It’s OK to get advice from one another, but just know that babies are all so different and what works for one person might not work for you! Do what you need to do to make your baby and yourself happy and healthy and don't worry what anyone else thinks about it.