Do You Ever Feel Like You Are Mommin It Pretty Hard?

Do you ever feel like you’re mommin it pretty hard? Like you forget what it's like to be alone to read a book or to go to lunch with a girlfriend without a little person sitting on your lap reaching for everything on the table smearing mashed potatoes on you. Or maybe going to the bathroom alone without wearing your baby in the ergo while you pee in a public restroom.

I love Jack so much and becoming a mother has been the blessing of a lifetime but it's hard when you feel like you let go of yourself and don't have any identity outside of being a mom, or so it seems some days.

Yesterday I was having one of those days and Jack wasn't being a handful he hasn't been feeling well and has been super sweet. I just felt this urge to go somewhere alone and to be alone for an entire day is that wrong?

I honestly have so much respect for the moms out there who do it with more than one kid.

My husband is one of three boys. His father traveled a lot for work and I remember asking his mom once “with three little boys under the age of five at home did you ever just lock yourself in the bathroom sometimes and cry?” And she looked at me and said, “no, never.”  

My husband then looked at me with a “maybe you should get counseling” expression. LOL I don’t think so sweetie.

I was thinking there has to be no fucking way that is real life but maybe it is and I'm just a huge baby myself, who is still selfish.

Constantly giving giving giving and then giving to your husband leaves you feeling depleted.

This is when I really had to ask myself what could I do to that’s just for me to make myself feel better, to connect with just me, no Jack allowed.

For me it’s exercise and wine comes in handy a little later too.

I have to work out to feel sanity. I have to push my limits physically and mentally. For me it releases endorphins and makes me feel whole again.

Some other great things to make you feel connected to yourself are journaling even if it's writing a gratitude list or if it's bitching in a notebook either way is therapeutic.

It’s in these moments when I am questioning myself as a mother that I need so badly to connect with MYSELF again, and do things I love that fill me up. I think as moms we can all relate to this and we often forget to put ourselves and our needs first. BUT, we have to. If we are a hot mess then the whole family is because let’s face it our husbands may be cute, but they have no clue. Kidding, kind of.

What are some ways that you stay connected to yourself? I love learning from you and I love that the TMM community can learn from each other.

Love you mama hang in there we are all in this together!