Mother's Day Photoshoot Just For YOU!

Mama's I have died and gone to mommy heaven! Honestly though, I was approached by Ernie & Fiona to "model" with Jack for their Mother's Day promo. I was immediately flattered and then it hit me, that moment you realize your being asked to model because your kid is much cuter than you. LOL I'll take it.

I showed up and they greeted me with open arms and were so welcoming and inviting, as was their studio space which is located on the cutest F-ing street in Solana Beach. I got my hair and makeup professionally done. Yes, you just read that right mama, someone put eyeshadow on me and curled my hair!! It was such a treat!! I rock athletic gear 95% of my days and a tinted moisturizer so I felt incredibly special.

Worried about where Jack was? NOPE, Ernie and Fiona both played with him and took his picture, he loved it. It was really nice for this mama to get pampered and not have to worry about Jack getting into anything. 

Finally I was dressed and so was Jack and I was feeling pretty good about myself I will have to tell ya. We went down to the beach and shot pictures and this video. It was quick and fun and they truly captured his vibrant carefree little personality. They also captured some intimate loving moments that make me fucking ball my eyes out. I mean I just die when I look at some of these pics of us. It was an incredible experience that I will never forget.

Ernie & Fiona are so amazing they have offered YOU a special discount to book a Mother's Day pampered photoshoot. 


Here is the criteria for you to use the code: 
In order to use the code, you have to book your session with Ernie & Fiona by Mother's Day. The shoot can be done any time in May, you just have to book with them before Mother's Day. 

Here's the Deets: 

If you book with Ernie & Fiona before Mother's Day, you will get a complimentary sitting fee ($250 value). That includes hair and makeup and our time shooting. During the preview session, you will get 10% off of any order that you make from any of the packages or print purchases. 

UMM...WTF That is an amazing deal that is just offered to you!!! You basically get free hair and makeup and shooting! And you will get 10%off your print purchases when they unveil your photos to you (which is super fun).

YOU deserve this mama, and what a special memory to have forever! Plus it kinda makes a great Father's Day gift for the hubs lol!! 

Email Ernie & Fiona to book your session now!! Or Click HERE

This post is in no way sponsored I just really had THE BEST time and LOVED my pictures that I am sharing the love with you mamas!!