Mom Made Market Roundup


Hey mama how are you? First let me start off by saying that the mom made market in San Diego was so much fun, and that could possibly be because my girlfriend Michelle and I had a “few” mimosas before we went in. Don’t worry we were baby free, the hubs were watching the kids.

There were so many amazing booths there which means I could write a novel but I know your time is limited because Target and Starbucks are waiting for you, oh and probably your kids, laundry, and your husband.

I am going to highlight and share with you a few of the booths that I loved.

First up we have Everly B.


Her stuff is amazing and everything is sewn right here in San Diego (which I also love). My girlfriend Michelle was losing her shit because she said this was the only booth she cared about going to and when we got there I could see why. First off she spells “mama” just like I do and I bought a super cute and COMFY shit that says “Mama Hood” which is fitting right?


Her shop is like if you have a little girl and died and gone to heaven. Ugh the cutest stuff… I know Michelle was all about it for her daughter snatching outfits off the rack like it was a going out of business sale. I have to live vicariously through her.


Next we have Tiny Trucker Co.


I love a good trucker hat for working out and since becoming a mom I've really gotten into the “tired as a mother” hat. Tiny Trucker Co. is owned and operated by a fellow Stroller Strides mama which I love love!!


She has the cutest hats for mom, baby/toddler, and now Dada!!

They are a great fit and I'm currently obsessing over this all black Mama hat.


Next up meet Craft + Foster.


These candles will legit change your life. Quick back story I'm fucking obsessed with candles. If you stopped by unannounced you'd find a candle burning, I promise you.

I've seen these candles in some fellow bloggers Instagrams so I knew I wanted to give them a try and see what the hype was about. I. Get. It. Now.

These candles smell amazing and burn forever! I need that in my life since I light candles daily.


Thank you for coming into my life, I won't cheat/leave you for my usual $6.99 candle from Marshall's.

Plus the bad ass mama of FOUR kids who owns and operates Craft + Foster was so cute and so sweet! Love love!


Next we have Strollin’ Dirty.


How F-ing cute is that name?! Ugh she has got anything you need for your bob stroller. She makes reusable snack bags, and these cute mason jars with decorative sleeves. I'm all about function these days!

I bought the mason jar with the black sleeve with white clouds. It's perfect for my iced coffees on-the-go!!


She also sells different pattern sleeves so you can mix it up!

This mega babe is also a Stroller Strides mama… I mean do we see a crafty boss mama pattern forming here!?

Next is Ollie & Penny.


This mama has the cutest stuff, and really cute bloomers and pants for boys!!

As a boy mom (boy mom's unite here) finding cute boy clothes is hard, and can get costly. I loved her stuff and it's super affordable which is nice since Jack is growing like a damn weed these days!

I bought him a pair of the cactus bloomers. Perfect for our Palm Springs trip next month!


Next is Teal & Dot.


They have such cute pillows! I loved them.

Talk about finding a one stop shop for decor!

I loved all the prints and colors!

Next up is Hum Stichery.


Omg I die again because she makes the cutest girl clothes!!!

Honestly I would wear one of these overall denim dresses with a Peter Pan collar in a hot second.


Michelle also fell in love and bought her daughter Eleanor some cute cute stuff.

I love the thought and detail that went into her branding, it's a very specific look that sets her apart from what's out there and that's everything!


Next we have Cali Weave Co.


Beautiful is all I have to say about this display! I love these handmade wall hangings.

These are a perfect addition to any kids room, nursery, or living room! Love them!

Next up HANK & LOLO.


This is for the bad boy/girl baby in your life! OMG I LOVED this booth. They had some super cute prints from this skull printed romper to the black and white striped pants with the tiny back pocket.


Don’t even get me started on the super cute distressed denim jacket they make. But really, if I gave up carbs could I fit a large?



This mama had such a cute shop full of printed T’s. I loved the cute little sayings on the onsies for the babies and the t-shits for the toddlers.

Plus I loved the adult sized “AS IF” shirt for mom. I grew up in the Clueless era so I was totally vibing this shirt!


Last but not least we have Peak Threads.


Peak Threads had some super cute little shorts for boys and girls. I loved the prints and the variation.

I also love the flower printed car seat cover. Cute cute!


So there you have it mamas, a recap of all the shoos I loved. Honestly it was so cool to see all these mamas who took their vision and turned it into reality. I loved shopping and supporting.

I would definitely suggest you check these shops out and get ya shop on!!