How to throw an affordable 1st birthday party


Let me just start by saying that Stefan went to a Padre game tonight with his boss and I am in full comfy kinda frantic single mom mode. I never realized how much I rely on him getting home at 5pm to help with Jack so I can get dinner going and he can give me a break to drink wine in the kitchen alone, and bathe Jack and put him down. So if you are a single mom I give it up to you! I am now with a full glass of chardonnay looking all kinds of crazy with a face mask on, no bra, and a messy ass bun. I am so ready to dive into this post with you.

I was THE mom who swore she’d never buy into that whole 1st birthday party blowout. I literally got tense at the fact that people would spend all this money for a party their child would never remember (I am always non traditional). Well, I’m the asshole, I did throw my 1 year old child a party he will only “remember” through iphone pics and video.

But I am here to tell you it can be done on a budget, you can totally throw a rager and not break the bank.

I decided to copy the “donut” theme from my bff Michelle. I went with a “wake up with Jack and celebrate” theme. I provided donuts and a mimosa bar (for the parents obvi) because let’s be real if you’re going to a 1 year old’s b-day bash, you need a buzz. Plus to make it extra cute I had all the kids wear pajamas so it was keeping with the theme of waking up with Jack. I ordered Jack’s moon pajamas from LalaSalma click here  , her pj’s are to f-ing die for.


Jack’s life theme is black and white from his nursery to his foam floor mats which can be found here (life changing) so I thought it only fitting to do his birthday as minimal and as chic as possible. Again, going with the whole I am really doing this for me he has no fucking clue theme, follow me? Good.

Donuts: We are a plant-based household so I provided vegan donuts that I bought from Whole Foods (which got me through pregnancy) and regular donuts from a local place down the street.


I bought two white cake trays from Target for $5 each to hold the donuts. I found a mini one for $1 at Target and bought that to hold Jack’s donut with his birthday candle.

Mimosa Bar: I bought $6.99 champagne from Trader Joe’s, yes you read that right and it was fabulous and all 8 bottles magically disappeared. I decided I would do grapefruit juice and orange juice. I wanted the mimosa bar to be a tad adulty so we ordered recyclable tosswear (so cute) champagne flutes from Amazon which can be found here


I was on Pinterest like a crazy person looking at mimosa bar ideas, lucky for us we actually have a built in bar in our backyard so it was just a matter of setting it up cute. I purchased fun straws black and white stripe and mint green with a rose gold flag from the dollar section at Target. Total cost for that was $2.


Honestly the $1, $3, and $5 section of Target WAS Jack’s birthday decorations + a little Amazon.

Goody Bags: I wanted to give the kids a little goody bag of sorts and honestly I found a 2 pack of donut bubbles at Target for $1, so I bought 3 packs. I also saw in the dollar section gold and white striped bags so I bought those and some black and gold gift tags for $1. I then bought black tissue paper for $1. There was my goody bag. Total spent $6.


12 month timeline: I know a lot of us mamas take a monthly picture of our babes up until they turn 1, and I am no exception. I went to CVS and printed my 12 photos for under $5 and had some clothespins lying around and pinned them on a string we had at the house. That was a decoration in my book! Using the clothespins gives it a fun look.


 “Happy Birthday” : I bought a gold and white Happy Birthday sign from Amazon for under $8 which can be found here  .


It is great quality and I can reuse it lol!!

This is where I went a little crazy but inexpensive crazy. It was crazy because it was F-ing work to fold this stuff together. I ordered from Amazon a variety pack of hanging paper balls and lanterns for our tree out front. They are linked here


 I also ordered these hanging tassel things here

I found gold and white “Party Animal” napkins for $1 in the dollar section at Target and I bought a pack of 5o small paper plates for $3. This was cheap and it kept with my color theme.

We ordered a giant 1 balloon and a dozen black and white balloons from a party store and we were set.

The party was so much fun and I think Jack had a great time. When we all sang him Happy Birthday he started smiling and his smile grew and grew as the song went on LOL it was so cute! I let him bite into a vegan donut and lick up the frosting. It was his first encounter with sugar and he wasn’t mad about it.

The 2 weeks leading up to his first birthday I was crying like a total basket-case. I just could NOT believe my baby was turning ONE!!

All in all it was a great day and the parents and kids had fun! Hope this helps you to plan any future party and I am dying to hear what you did for your kid’s birthday!!! Spill!