How to plan healthy dinners for the whole family


Hi mama!! So I have been wanting to do a post on this subject for a while because I get so many questions about this and I see a lot of mamas struggle to make this ritual stick. We just spent the weekend in Palm Springs with two other families, and the ladies and I were discussing this topic so I got inspired. 

I will be totally honest with you I have a 1 year old and I am just now doing family meals. Jack’s bedtime is early 6:30/7pm, so he is hungry for dinner at about 5:30pm. Stefan and I have never eaten dinner that early so I always make Jack his food and we feed him, play, and then do bath and bed. We eat after which means he or I are cooking twice and that is more work than we care for. 

Now that he is 1 year old I have started doing family dinner time because he’s only going to get older and start eating with Stefan and I.

Eating a healthy easy to prepare meal at dinner time is the trick. I have found that due to work or lack of time and low energy it’s hard to want to prepare a healthy meal for the whole family. Also, it can be tricky for a mama just starting out on her healthy eating journey because she may not know what to prepare.


When I helped my health coaching clients (pre baby) get back on track or into a routine that will stick, I would have them make a menu for just 3 days.

For us mamas dinner time is the most hectic so that is what I am going to focus on. To start:


  1. Pick 3 days of the week that you are going to commit to making a healthy dinner.
  2. Make a menu. Write down on paper what you are going to make each night.
  3. Make a grocery list and buy what you need, so it’s on hand making it easy.
  4. Block your time off to prepare. For some mamas this may mean you chop or prep some stuff during nap or night before.

Example: Jack gets in the bath at 6:30pm so he’s usually hungry about 5:30pm, so at 5pm I start dinner. Nothing I ever make takes more than 25-30 minutes. I certainly do not have the time, patience, or attention span(from Jack) to cook longer than that.

The biggest key to success is taking baby steps, that’s why I suggest starting with 3 nights a week instead of going for 7.

I obviously cook only plant-based in our house.

Yummy easy dinners can be found here , here, and here .

I hope this helps you make some yummy dinners for you and the fam!!

Let me know if you have any questions about meal planning or recipes.