Let's Talk About Weaning+BOOB Size


Hey mama I wanted to talk about all things weaning from what milk replacement to use to lopsided boobs.

Obviously you should always consult your pediatrician and devise a plan that best fits you and your little babe's needs.

I chose to wean Jack about a week after his 1st birthday. I decided to do this because I felt ready and he had started to naturally wean himself down to only nursing 3 times a day.

The biggest lifesaver in this process was sleep training him at 5 months and not nursing him to sleep!! This saved me and Jack because he didn't associate falling asleep with breastfeeding. You can read about how I did that here and here

I cut back on one feeding at a time every few days so he wouldn't be totally in shock or thrown off.

I feed Jack a 100% vegan diet and while he gets tons of protein and iron and vitamins from all of his plant foods, I wanted to make sure he was getting proper nutrients in a milk replacement.

Never in a million years would I ever think of giving him cow’s milk. Don't even get me started on this!!

I found a plant-based milk called Ripple which contains 8g of protein per serving, 50% more calcium than milk, DHA, & 30% Vitamin D. The milk is made from yellow peas and is organic and non-gmo!! Read more here!


I began to introduce this to Jack when I would normally nurse him and he took to it, so I was super happy.

I waited an extra week to completely wean him from his last feeding so I could savor that sweet and sacred time we had together. Part of me is sad that it is gone but he was getting to the point where his little hands were making their way into my shirt in public, Lol cute but not cute in public.

I also felt comfortable after talking with my pediatrician about my weaning plan, diet, & milk replacement. Although I went to school for nutrition and I am a certified health coach I still wanted the expert opinion of Jack’s doctor.

Jack is 100% weaned and I have to admit I like having my body back for just me.

One benefit or maybe curse? Of weaning him is that he's been crazy clingy to me, like no one can hold him but mama. He's been taking naps laying on my chest lately and it's heaven. I'm in love with every second but if I'm totally honest I will be ok when this little phase ends. Nap time is my time, and I cherish that too.

Let's talk about BOOBS shall we! So from the start of breastfeeding I noticed that one boob was slightly bigger than the other. I know my nursing mamas know what I'm talking about. It's totally normal, the baby just favors one side more and so it produces more, thus getting fuller and bigger.

It's been one week now that I haven't nursed and my boobs are painful and rock hard, like it's kinda uncomfortable to sleep. But the even bigger (no pun intended) pain is that one is slightly bigger than the other! I mean, come on… I don't recall anyone sharing this with me before I got pregnant!!

Will this be forever?! Maybe not according to International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, Anne Smith, “Once your baby weans, things should go pretty much back to where they were before, except that the hormonal and anatomical changes that occur during pregnancy stretch the tissue and they will never be as firm again. This happens even if you formula feed.  You may always notice a size difference, but it shouldn’t be as pronounced as it is while you’re lactating.”

Thank god!! I mean I know my husband is pumped on how big these things are but I'm looking forward to a little bit of a smaller less painful version.

I would love to hear how your weaning experience went or what you did! As mamas learning from other mamas is such a gift.