When "Keeping up with the Joneses" creeps into motherhood.


Do you ever feel like you have to “keep up” with all the bougie trends there are for mothers and babies/kids these days?

 I love a good splurge like any red blooded girl likes, I mean shopping is F***, fun!

So here I am thinking I am pretty cute and thrifty for finding this faux leather backpack at Target on clearance for $14, which I am using as a diaper bag. Flash Forward to seeing everyone and literally their mother wearing this almost $200 diaper bag “backpack”...wait so does this mean mine isn’t “cool”. I have to admit the desire to order that bag with the quickness was real, but reality was also a lot realer. My bag is fine, cute, and gets the “job” done. So why then would I “need” to buy that?  

 I know you’ve probably been there or is it just me?

I mean it’s hard in this day and age to not feel like you need the newest of new or what’s on trend for your 3 month old. I mean I can’t even say that (or type that) without laughing. Social media is crazy and there are tons and tons of CUTE things out there for mama and her baby.

In all honesty I really loving seeing all the small businesses share their talents and I love supporting small shops.

 I just never want anyone to feel like well if I don’t get this or that then I am not going to be “in”. Because that is so high school and you should feel free to dress your baby and yourself however you want!

Motherhood I have come to learn is about community and building each other up and supporting each other. There is no room for judgment or FOMO over a $40 onesie.


 And if getting all of the latest stuff is your jam then there’s nothing wrong with that either.

 We are all free to live how we want and live and wear what we want that makes us feel good.

I just hope that it’s because it makes us feel good for the right reasons and not in fear that we are falling behind on a trend. March to the beat of your own drum becasue at the end of the day it's not what you are wearing that defines you as a mother, it's your actions and your love. 

 We have such an amazing gift as mamas to create a world and lifestyle for our family that is uniquely ours.

I never want people to follow my blog because my lifestyle looks unattainable, but because it is relatable. My jeans are usually from Forever 21 and I rock a plain t-shirt from Target 90% of the time when I am not in athletic gear.

Be uniquely you and embrace it!

Love you Mama!




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