Modern Mondays


Hey Mama here we are again, another Monday. I guess everyday feels like a Monday when you're a mom right? I mean, it's nice to have the extra help of a partner home on the weekend but motherhood pretty much runs 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. 

What do you like to do on the weekends with your fam? This weekend I took Jack to the beach for a run. 5 minutes in he decided he would lose his shit like completely lose it, in an ugly scream cry way. But I was F-ing determined to get my run in. I can't give in to every peep he makes, and so I did, and it was brutal. I was in tears by the end because no mama likes to hear her baby cry, but also because, fuck, I just wanted to do something for myself and I have this little nut who is losing his mind in the stroller. 

What can you do? I kept running and then I picked him up after I was done and hugged him so tight, and immediately he stopped crying. How precious, and how annoying! But again, what can you do in these moments they don't know they are being little A-holes.  

On a lighter note, I got this vegan, hypoallergenic, all natural, and cruelty-free perfume in the mail. Skylar is the brand and it's honestly amazing. I've been wearing Chanel and Michael Kors for years but have been looking for a new cruelty-free scent.  Arrow is hands down my favorite, and how amazingly beautiful is their packaging?

I do have a special promo code for you use: SKYLAR10 at checkout!


How cute are these bracelets from Juneau Luxe? She made me a custom set with a special number 1, for Jack's first birthday. 


Cheers to the holiday weekend mama! May your Chardonnay be chilled and your hangover bearable, because we all know kids do not care that it's 6am and you tied one on.