5 cruelty-free beauty brands you need to know about


Hey mama how are you? I am in the beginning stages of a detox lol like I had way too much wine and beer over the 4th of July weekend, I can’t.

I was quickly reminded that I am not 20 anymore and my responsibility wakes at about 5:45am and is unforgiving.

It’s like, why? Why does my child want to start the day before the suns up? Anyone know?

I digress.

I was inspired to write this post a few days ago when I went into Ulta to buy my normal brow pencil by Anastasia Beverly Hills and the woman woking there talked me into a different one. I am pretty loyal to a product and don't often switch, but I guess I was just feeling crazy that day, who knows. Anyway, I get home only to realize the damn brow pencil I just bought was NOT cruelty-free. I honestly thought, "should I let it go and just go back to what I normally use after this new one runs out?". I just couldn't, the more I thought about it, I was bothered that I would be using something  I just knew I couldn't support.

So I took it back and got my normal Anastasia Brow Definer. 


I'm excited to share a few beauty brands I love that are cruelty-free. Buying cruelty-free is super important to me and so are ingredients. I am NOT perfect but I strive to show and have compassion for all living things. I also want to show Jack how important it is to love animals and treat them right.

Do you know that popular brands like Loreal are not cruelty-free?  It's sick, and cruel, and alarming!

I get a little fired up about this topic, if you couldn't tell... 

So here are a few brands that are cruelty-free and you should totally check out.

Kevin Murphy: I am obsessed with Kevin Murphy for hair care. I use the purple conditioner to keep my blonde hair looking silvery and healthy. I also really love the Fresh Hair dry shampoo.

Anastasia Beverly Hills: I mean I don't think you can think "eyebrows" without thinking Anastasia. I love the brow definer and I use the "blonde" shade.

Arbonne: Now if you know me or have read my About page, (click here if you haven't)  then you know I F-ing love Arbonne skincare, protein powder, mascara... the list goes on. I use it all. The two products I want to highlight are the night cream and nourishing face oil. If I could bathe in the night cream and face oil I would, it's that good. Arbonne is cruelty-free and certified vegan. You can read more here and about my daily/nightly skincare routine.

Tarte: I love this brand because sometimes you think of cruelty-free as lacking in the boldly edgy/trendy makeup (or maybe it's just me?) but Tarte does not disappoint! I love their vibrant lipstick line!! 

Herbivore Botanicals: Besides their branding being a dream, I love how truly clean and amazing their products are. There's no tricky wording here, what you see is what you get, & it's heaven. I love their rose coconut water face mist. I use it when I am feeling especially dry. 


I hope this was helpful and you got introduced to some brands you haven't tried yet!

Till next time!