5 Ways To Veganize Your Toddlers Meals


Hey Mama! How are you? We’ve been good. Jack is still saying “dada” non stop and barely says “mama” so that’s always fun. It’s like, “HELLO!” I am the one who takes care of you all day long and who has given everything up for you, including my once firm ass… I honestly thought about writing a diary of sorts, well I guess a journal, of all the nice sweet things I do for Jack. I will save it for him and give it to him whenever he acts like a little brat. I haven’t officially started one but I’m close. Is that a crazy idea?

Anyways. I know you are here to get the deets on toddlers eating more plant foods so let’s do it shall we?!

I know that sometimes it’s easier said than done when it comes to getting your toddler to choose kale over goldfish crackers, but small strides can be made. I also know you may not want to hear this, but I’m gonna shoot ya straight, toddlers eating healthy, starts with us. If we are eating healthy and have good food choices around then that is more than likely, what they will go for.

It’s hard to break a pattern once it’s begun, and processed food is so easy and readily available for the busy and tired mom. Try to implement a few of the ideas below now, before they’re really attached to their eating habits.

5 Ways To Veganize Your Toddler’s Menu

  1. Choose beans or lentils for a protein
  2.  Pre cut/have on hand fresh fruit already in bags for snacks.
  3.  Smoothie pack for breakfast
  4.  Pick a new veggie a week prepare it a few different ways and make it fun. Example: Put a  pic on the fridge or write on chalkboard-”This week is eggplant, it's a vegetable, it's purple  and it's good for you because...”-fill in the blank.
  5.  Make a plan. Sure Pirate's Booty is easy but… Try preparing healthy snacks or buying dairy  free nutrient high snacks like trail mix or the hummus and veggies to-go packs. This way  when your child asks for something you can easily hand them a nutritious option.

It’s not rocket science, but it does require a tad more work on your part, but the reward in the long run is huge!

I hope these tips help your little one and you!