Spiked Cider


Well it is Friday isn't it? Time for a drink if you ask me. These drinks were inspired by the aggressive hangover I received complements of my mom's night out with my Stroller Strides group.

I drank more Chardonnay that night than I had in a loooong time. A wine hangover is the worst, and you know who gives zero F---'s that I was hungover, my precious son, who woke at 6am.

But, I did it to myself. After the 2 day hangover wore off (that's what happens at 30) I decided I'd get back in the saddle and have a drink, does this make me sound like I have a problem? LOL 

I swear I don't.


Stefan and I both felt like having a little something but I just couldn't do wine, and I was feeling so chilly in this southern California Fall weather (such a joke) so we decided on this drink. 

I like bourbon, and it also makes me laugh a little because the taste of it takes my back to my early twenties, ahh those were the days, just kidding...or am I?

Anyway, these cocoktails are perfect for this time of year so I hope you enjoy them and snuggle up with your special someone and sip away. 


  • Spiced Apple Cider (I bought mine from Trader Joe's)
  • Bourbon 
  • Fresh apple slices
  • Cinnamon 


Heat the spiced cider on the stove, about 1 cup should be fine for 2 drinks, if you like to taste the bourbon a little. Pour 2.5 oz of bourbon in a glass, then top with hot cider and garnish with an apple slice and a dash of cinnamon.