5 Beauty Tips From A Pro + HydraFacial

Let’s talk beauty shall we? I don’t often get a chance to share too much beauty here on the blog and on Instagram because my life revolves around a toddler and recipe crafting for you guys.

Recently I decided to treat myself to a HydraFacial with the amazing Kim Bertrand click HERE to contact her (if you’re in San Diego go see her, she’ll change your life and tell here TMM sent you and get $25 off your service). I have never had “perfect skin” by any means but I’m workin what I got, until recently I started to notice AGING taking place. Ugh! Why didn’t I wear sunscreen in my teens and 20’s? I’ll never be able to forgive myself for that one so insert getting a facial at the top of my priority list.

HydraFacial uses patented technology to cleanse, extract, and hydrate. HydraFacial super serums are made with nourishing ingredients that create an instantly gratifying glow, and glow is exactly what I had.

What I really loved about the facial is that Kim listened to my concerns with my skin and then tailored the entire facial around what I needed. I literally for days kept making Stefan squeeze my cheeks saying “how plump and luscious does my skin feel?” let’s just say he indulged me one and half times. My skin not only felt plump but it also felt clean and smooth. You know how sometimes you can get a facial and then breakout from it, not this kind and I should know I am the queen of breaking out (or I was).

I also asked on my Instagram if you guys had any specific skincare questions for Kim and you did! So here are the answers to some beauty questions we’re all dying to know.

Favorite eye cream? And can you use it while pregnant?

Kim: l am a huge skeptic of claims made by eye creams and usually find myself underwhelmed UNTIL l found Viktoria DeAnn eye serum.  It has plant based collagen that instantly hydrates and caffeine from green and white tea for puffiness and dark circles. It’s my little instant eye miracle!! l use it in all my facials! The entire line is pregnancy, breast feeding, and oncology safe.  

Favorite face moisturizer?

Kim: Personally, l rotate and alternated depending on what’s currently going on with my skin. Moisturizers work best over a treatment serum to seal in moisture so l recommend talking with a skin care pro to find one that will meet your needs. Currently, my favorites for my dry skin have been the Indie Lee squalane oil or the Le Mieux derma relief. When my skin is it’s normal, balanced self l use a plant based retinol alternative for anti aging and brightening by Viktoria DeAnn.  

Favorite face mask?

Kim: Again, it really depends on what is going on in my skin, but l always love ultra hydrating treatments. The Le Mieux hydrating collagen mask is my go to right now at home and in the treatment room. For oily/acne our alpha hydroxy acid mint clay masque is amazing!!

What to use on super dry lips?

Kim: Make sure you’re drinking tons of water because dry peeling lips are a sign of dehydration. Also, up your healthy fat intake. Topically, the Grande Lips plumper in clear is my favorite!  It has tons of plumping peptides and hyaluronic acid to slowly rebuild natural moisture levels. It actually increased the volume in the lips when used twice a day!!

What’s an SPF you like?

Kim: l honestly don’t wear it daily because l work indoors.  When l go outdoors with long sun exposure, l just use Smashbox BB cream. It’s spf 30 and makes my skin super dewey!

There ya have it straight from the pro's mouth!! What are some of your favorite beauty products?? I am dying to try new stuff.