Toddler Snack: roasted chickpeas



Toddler snack time! I’ve found that mixing it up with Jack is keeping him interested in trying new things. As a family of plant eaters I’m always packing us full of healthy plant protein and roasted chickpeas are no exception. Here’s how to make it (FYI Jack ate the entire bowl): 


I've also been loving this baking sheet and matching coper/rose gold bowls from Target! Isn't it crazy how as a mom Target has taken on a whole new level of necessity? 

I laugh with my husband but I'm literally there at least a few times a week, aren't you??

Ok so let's get into how fabulous chickpeas are as a snack. 

Here are the top six health benefits of chickpeas according to Dr. Axe:

  • Helps Control Blood Sugar Levels. ...
  • Increases Satiety and Helps with Weight Loss. ...
  • Improves Digestion Thanks to a High Fiber Content. ...
  • Helps Protect Against Heart Disease and Cancer. ...
  • Provides Essential Vitamins and Minerals. ...
  • Great Source of Plant-Based Protein.



1 can chickpeas (15oz) drain them, rinse them, paper towel dry.

2 tsp paprika  

2 tsp sea salt and pepper  


In a bowl mix a little olive oil, 2 tsp of paprika, sea salt, and pepper. Toss the chickpeas in this mixture and then lay flat on a lined baking sheet. Bake 400° 20 minutes, move around then bake another 6-10 minutes until you reach your desired crispiness!