Your Skincare: The good, The bad, & The Disturbing

Jack and I

Today I want to get serious and a little funny. Today I want to talk to you about skincare, yes that’s right skincare. As I am aging (cry face emoji) it’s more important to me than ever, and since I know you and I are in the same boat it’s bound to be important to you too.

Let me take you back to the days where I didn’t so much take care of my skin… I have never ever been one of those girls who just had flawless skin and rarely broke out, I was the exact opposite.

I can remember as early as middle school dealing with acne and such, and at the ripe age of 13 it’s completely embarrassing. I remember my mom taking me down to Macy’s and going to the Clinique counter to buy me a whole skincare line and a little powder because she wanted me to use high quality stuff.

Now, I don’t know for certain if that helped or hurt the situation but long story short I spent years in and out of the dermatologist office using harsh chemicals on my face as well as buying total shit products from Target *cough Clean and Clear … remember those days??

Anyway it wasn’t until I decided to go Vegan when I was living in Boston that I really got into researching products and their harmful ingredients. I was like most consumers, I’d buy something because the label said it was “clean” or “fragrance free”. I had no idea I couldn’t trust these companies that were selling us chemicals disguised as “all natural” products.

When I started to switch my products over it was a little more costly than whatever I could find at Target, but I grew up on the beach sans sunscreen bronzing my life away. I couldn’t afford not to invest in my skin.

As my plant-based diet started working wonders my face also began to clear once I eliminated dairy. Dairy causes so much inflammation in the body and that comes out of our pores in the form of nice cystic zits. GROSS.

In 2013 I really dove into ingredients not just in products but in food as well. I had began my own health coaching practice at this time and knew that the two were intertwined.

So let’s talk about ingredients shall we? Did you know “the European Union has spent the past two decades restricting or banning approximately 1,400 harmful chemicals and ingredients from personal care products. In Canada, the number of restricted ingredients is a little less than half that, at around 600.

The United States? 30.” This was not only disturbing to find out but it enraged me as well.

And did you know that when a product says in the ingredient list that it contains “fragrance” that is just an umbrella term that isn’t regulated and up to 700 chemicals can go under that one word, fragrance. What the heck?!!

Becoming a mother has given even more perspective on this topic because when you get pregnant you are limited on what you can and cannot use. When I was breastfeeding I was also concerned about what I was putting on my skin. I wanted to protect my sweet newborn when his cheeks were pressed against mine or he was sleeping on my chest.

This whole clean beauty movement inspired me to also research children’s products as well (you can read that post here).  

More and more companies are getting called out for their ingredients but not enough are stepping up to the plate and saying NO MORE. This is exactly why I started The Modern Mamahood Beauty line.

I wanted to create something a mama could feel confident using during all stages of her motherhood, whether she’s pregnant, breastfeeding, or has grown children.

This line was created for you. I want to empower women, moms in particular to take back control of their health. This is why I share my healthy lifestyle tips and plant-based recipes and now it’s why I am creating products to serve you.

We are raising the next generation of kind leaders and using clean products that are sustainably sourced like our FACE OIL does just that. It gives back and it protects.

I am thankful to all the fellow companies and advocates out there that make this topic their life’s work. Getting clean beauty in the hands of everyone should be as accessible as going to Target.

You can click here to check out TMM Beauty, and thanks so much for your support and for following along on this journey!


Till next time