Potty Training 101


P-O-T-T-Y Training and all it’s glory and all it’s misery, the post is finally here. Let me first start by thanking Jamie Glowacki author of the book I followed “Oh Crap! Potty Training”. If there's a curse word in the title, I’m into it.

I picked up this book and read it all and then I picked my date and threw out diapers (some anyway, we’ll get to that). First and foremost I was ready, I was ready to be done with diapers and I was actually excited to help Jack tackle this new skill. I felt in my heart after reading this book that he too was ready.

I gave myself a week to process all the info from the book and to enjoy the diapered come and go as you please life, and then on a Monday when I could be home alone without my husband there, I took on potty training our 23 month old.

My first bit of advice if you’re a stay at home mom or a control freak like me, potty train alone. You ever here that saying “there’s too many cooks in the kitchen”, ya that will and did at times happen during potty training. I knew in my heart I needed to be alone with Jack to get this rolling. If you just lovey dovey your hubby so much you can’t wait to do this together, great, buy alcohol.

I really loved Jamie’s approach and her philosophy on potty training. She says in so many words that if your kid can put up a fight or throw and tantrum over something then he/she can be potty trained. This INSPIRED me and opened my eyes. As a first time mom you hear lot’s of “these are the signs your kids is ready to start potty training…”One of them being they can sing the ABC’s...this worried me because while Jack is starting to explode with language (a little late to the game), he’s not belting out the ABC’s. Pure crap, he potty trained fine, no songs required.

In the book Jamie lays out what she calls blocks which are your guide for progression in potty training your child.

Block ONE was naked from the waist down and that first day I went through a roll of paper towels, the second naked day was a little less.

Block TWO brought on clothes, pants that is or dresses or whatever, but I have a boy so we put on pants. We did two short trips out and I made sure to get a pee on the potty before we left.

Block THREE for us came at the fourth day of potty training and Jack did great. This is where you leave the house with pants on your child and stay out past 20 minutes. We did 1-2 hours and I brought my potty for him in the car incase.

Jack’s been potty trained/training for 2 weeks now going into the third week as I type this, and he’s been doing good with a few accidents here and there. But when I started crying or drinking wine at 3:30pm I was so thankful I had the book to reference about what could be going on.

Jamie does an incredible job at explaining every scenario and any question you may have she answers it in the book. I would highly recommend getting the book I’ve linked it here on Amazon.

This is not sponsored I just fell in love with this book.

Jack at the spunky age of 23 months has already figured out that he can stall at bedtime by saying he has to pee pee, but without fail he goes every time. I got annoyed with putting his nighttime diaper on after the SIXTH time he had to go “pee pee” before bed!  So I said ok tonight you are going without a diaper, he was dry in the morning 3 nights in a row! But then the following 3 nights he woke up wet. So we are going to follow the book’s advice and do nighttime training next week when we are back from vacation.

Laundry is a bitch these days and if I had a dollar for everytime I said pee pee these past two weeks I’d be rich.

But it’s worth it, it really is. I love seeing the excitement on his face when he goes in his potty and can’t wait to show me.

I do also want to say one last thing in closing about commiting and sticking with it. No matter how frustrated you get don’t go back to diapers, the book is SO HELPFUL for everything. It’s not easy and there were times I called my husband crying from frustration but it’s worth it to stick to it.

It was also a really cool bonding experience with Jack that I got to experience and teach him this new skill. Sunday night before we started potty training my husband and I bought him an easel with a chalkboard on one side and a place to paint or color on the other. We wrote him a sweet note congratulating him on becoming a big boy today and set it up so he would see it first thing in the morning.

I am soooo happy to answer any questions you have about my experience and GO BUY THAT BOOK NOW!!!