Holistic Skincare Guru Mo Trezise


I am super excited to have this incredible woman on the blog for you guys to get to know. Chances are you probably follow her on Instagram @heal.thy_goddess . I discovered Mo on Instagram and I fell in love with watching her skincare tutorials and her overall positive energy. Plus I love that she takes a holistic approach to skincare and practices that with her clients. So let's get right to it! I can't wait for you to read all that she is about to share!!

TMM: Introduce yourself:

Mo: Hi! My name is Mo, I’m from here in San Diego, I live in Ocean Beach where I am also opening up my own spa as I am a massage therapist, holistic esthetician, and holistic health practitioner.

TMM: When did you know you wanted to become an aesthetician?

Mo: I honestly just fell into it. I never intended on going to a traditional four year university. After high school I went to cosmetology school for makeup artistry and decided to study esthetics as well, ended up loving it and never turning back!

TMM: More importantly what triggered you to want to take a more holistic approach to skincare?

Mo: What triggered me was my “awakening”. I became more conscientious of the energetic properties of the foods I was putting in my body (eating solely organic/ vegan, and changing my relationship with food only eating to tonify my constitution) I became aware of all chemicals around me as well. Toxic chemicals lower your vibrational field and can calcify your third eye (blocking it energetically) so as I was removing chemicals from my life it was clearly apparent I had to ditch the toxic chemical laden skincare products I was using as well.

As I detoxed my life of chemicals I could feel my body become a clear channel for spirit to flow through me and thus live in my purpose.

TMM: How did you come up with your Instagram name and what’s the meaning behind it?

Mo: When I went to holistic school I had an amazing teacher, I was so enthralled by all of his lectures, constantly at the edge of my seat. He was a very literal man, and loved to break down words. Like disease. “Dis- ease”, when the body is not at ease. Anyways, one day he did the same with healthy self. “Heal- thy self”.

TMM: At what point in your life did you start to become more spiritual and has that always flowed into the work you do with your clients?

Mo: I became more spiritual when I went to massage school and began my self healing journey. This same teacher once said to me “ the healer is one who is on their own healing journey. You can only help others heal as far as you’ve healed.” I took that to heart and have been focusing on my personal spiritual growth as a prerequisite to helping my clients.

TMM: What do you think the biggest misconception is about the importance of getting facials?

Mo: That getting facials or taking care of yourself is a luxury- it’s a necessity!

TMM: Why are getting facials regularly so important?

Mo: Getting facials regularly is important physically, emotionally and spiritually. Getting facials help to remove the toxins that your body has been trying to release. This also cleans out your aura, releases toxic energies and stagnant energy building up in your emotional and auric field. Facials are detoxifying inside and out. It’s not just about refining your skin but detoxifying the internal organs, and facial reflexology.


TMM: If you could offer everyone 3 pieces of advice or tips regarding their skin what would they be?


1.Remember: The toxins your body can’t get rid of through normal processes (sneezing, coughing, urinating, etc)  it gets rid of using the largest organ. YOUR SKIN. What you eat matters. You are what you eat.

2. Makeup, facials, skincare products target the symptoms. Nutrition fixes the problem. Without proper nutrition these other skincare routines will only get you so far. It doesn’t matter how much you polish an apple if it is rotten inside.

3. Organic is important. Always make sure the products you are using are not using harsh chemicals, and are legitimately organic. Everything that is absorbed by the skin goes into your bloodstream. That means what you put on your skin still counts as nutrition. If you are putting all this effort eating clean but aren’t using clean products, you are being counterproductive.

TMM: What’s your take on face oils, are they worth the hype?

Mo: Face oils do wonders for your skin! I’m totally a fan- oils are so much more compatible with your skin’s natural oil lipid barrier than any moisturizer or cream, (which typically contain a wax base.) Choose oils that are compatible with your skin type. Squalene is great for mature skin, rose hips oil is great for acneic skin, and jojoba is great for just about everybody because it mimics the sebum on your skin.

TMM: I know this is a hard one, but what is your favorite cleanser, toner, oil, and serum?

Mo: This is way too hard! At the moment Just have a couple favorites to share- my favorite toner is a lavender hydrosol and my favorite oil is turmeric steeped in rosehip oil! (I don’t have any brand names to drop as these are things I’ve been making in my own apothecary)


TMM: What is one skincare trend that you think is here to stay?

Mo: Trends are just that- Trends. One thing that will always be here to stay is taking care of your skin and looking at it as part of the bigger picture, taking care of your body and your overall health and well-being. This is what it means to be holistic.

TMM: What’s one skincare practice you wish people knew more about?

Mo: Facial massage. I wish people knew more about this as its just so underrated! There’s so much emphasis nowadays on crazy machines and chemicals that just promise hopes and dreams in a bottle. I believe facial massage done right is amazing for the whole body as facial reflexology can be applied and a detoxifying effect can then take place with internal organs.

TMM: Are you a red or white wine kinda girl?

Mo: Neither! I actually don’t drink alcohol as part of my lifestyle choices and spirituality. I believe alcohol lowers your vibration and so I like to maintain high vibrational frequency and so I don’t consume it.

TMM: What do you like to do for fun?

Mo: All my regular activities like yoga, cooking, being around my awesome clients and my awesome friends. My friends and I like to go rollerskating, bowling, and I attend lots of art shows. It may sound weird but I honestly think facials are fun.

TMM: What’s in your purse right now?

Mo: To be honest I don’t carry a purse, I carry my wallet/clutch around with me and anything extra (like chapstick) I stuff in my boyfriends pockets.

TMM: Favorite curse word?

Mo: All of them

TMM: Where can people book an appointment with you?

Mo: Through this link- https://healthygoddess.as.me/schedule.php or follow my instagram profile @heal.thy_goddess

TMM: Can you spill any deets on opening up your own SPA ???

Mo: Just a few! I’ve been working hard behind the scenes, curating products for my backbar and  for retail! In my own space I’ll be offering holistic esthetic services not found anywhere else here in San Diego. It will also be steps away from the beach ;)