DIY 30 Second Makeup Brush Cleaner

You guys this is the BEST makeup brush cleaner I have ever used and it literally takes 30 seconds to clean your brushes.

Enjoy the video!! This is just one more way you can get rid of the toxic load in your home.

-Glass mason jar with lid for storage -1 cup distilled water -½ cup witch hazel -3 tbsp Dr. Bronner unscented baby soap -4 drops lavender essential oil -4 drops tea tree essential oil Directions: Pour all ingredients into the mason jar and shake with lid on. Pour a small amount of the cleaner into a small cup or bowl and place your dirty makeup brushes in there and let sit for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Rinse brushes out under cold water massaging the bristles to get all of the cleaning solution out. Lay flat to dry.

Dr. Bronner Soap:

Witch Hazel:

Lavender EO:

Tea Tree EO:

Mason Jar: